The Good and Bad About a Low Carbohydrate Diet

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/2/2008 | Fitness
For centuries the human being has been eating grains and carbohydrates and there didn't seem to be any need of going on a diet in order to lose weight and fat. But of course, they were different times of struggle and famine where there was an urgent need to eat anything that could be found in order to survive.

There is so much talk today about going on a low carbohydrate diet that if you ask a person if its worth it he or she will probably say it is. Probably the most famous of these diets is the Atkins diet where supposedly you can stick to a diet by consuming none other than all the delicious proteins on the market available to all such as ham, eggs, steak and chicken and still lose weight. But it isn't as easy as it seems.

The Atkins diet plan taken seriously could be very dangerous for your health. Many physicians claim that even if you end up getting thinner, it could give you consequences like having serious liver problems. It seems as if people are so impatient to lose weight that they don't think about the side effects such a diet could cause.

Before seriously starting on an Atkins diet plan you should try to avoid eating too much meat and think about the vegetables you can consume together with the portion of steaks and chicken to balance the meal and give your stomach a rest from the exaggerated intake of animal protein. Bear in mind also that the meat has to be as lean as possible to avoid the fatty parts.

The reality with any kind of low carbohydrate diet is that not eating alone is not enough to get you thin and healthy but you need to include in your daily regimen some sort of exercise whether it be simply going for a walk to a mall, exercising at home or in the gym.

Many low carbohydrate diets aren't as strict as the Atkins diet is and it all depends on what kind of plan you are following and the availability of food is much more wide-ranging. The difference is that it would take more time to lose weight and have much more patience. But if you include exercising things would be a lot easier.

The other option is if you can stick to the rigid Atkins diet for the first few months with fewer food options, then you will be able to be more creative with the plan in the long run and your suffering will be repaid by losing those pounds you really needed to lose.