The Biggest Obstacle to Success

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/2/2008 | Spirituality
One of the biggest obstacles to success is the fear of success. Realizing that the fear of success exists is the first step to overcoming it. Constantly we see people who excel in almost every effort that they put forth. Sure makes you wonder why them and not me? The reason, put shortly, is that they are both focused and fearless.

How could anyone accuse you of fearing success? It is a learned response. Early in life we learn that, if we are good at something, we'll most likely be expected to be good at other things. If we become successful, we'll have to accept all of the responsibilities that go along with success.

A life example: A disgruntled parent taught his son that, because of his station in life, he would not amount to much and would never have very much in life. He taught him not to try to live above the way that he was raised. The father was judging his son's future by his dreary reality. He actually programmed his son to expect failure. For many years, this was the reality that pervaded the son's life. He feared being successful. He doubted his ability to be successful, and to compensate for this, he never tried. He knew that he would fail anyway. He justified his not succeeding.

After several years, this young man decided that he truly wanted success in his endeavors. He wanted to have things, to go places and to enjoy life. He did not want to be bound to failure. He realized that what he actually feared was disapproval. He didn't want his father's disapproval or the perceived disapproval of his peers.

He needed to overcome the fear of success and, in order for him to accomplish that, he had to assess his present life. He needed to look at every aspect of his life and make necessary changes (physical, emotional and spiritual changes).

FEAR is "False Experience Appearing Real." To expel his fear, he needed to focus on the positive thing and ideas that would bring success to his life. He had to assess his situation and focus on those parts of his life that needed improvement. He needed to see the weaknesses but to focus on the remedy. It is a part of the human frailty to focus on the weaknesses only.

He needed to focus on the positive dimensions of his being, the things that he could do well. He, of course, had to notice the areas in which he was weak but to focus on strengthening those areas. When he realized that he could take every weakness in his life and turn each one into a positive strength, he started on his road to success. He discovered a singular truth that changed his perception of his life. When he acknowledged and understood one particular Biblical truth, he began his positive journey toward every success in his life. When he understood that he could LITERALLY take each one of his weaknesses and give them to God, he, at that very point, had God's strength to carry him forward.

His first step was to realize that he is a person of infinite value. He is important. He is loved. God showed him this. When he changed his perception of his worth, his value to God, he began to realize that, with Him, everything is possible, even success for him.