The Pros And Cons Of Tattoos

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/2/2008 | Arts and Culture
The popularity of tattoos has been increasing in recent years. Today it is just as common to find tattoos on women as it is on men. There are some good reasons for this. Tattoos give you the chance to stand out and broadcast who you are. Most tattoos are picked not just for their design, but also their symbolic meaning. It may relate to what the person believes, showing that they belong to a certain group, or even demonstrating loyalty to a loved one. Many people simply use tattoos as a means for expressing their freedom.

Tattoo designs can be chosen from the local tattoo parlor as well as books and magazines. Increasingly, people are finding their ideal design on the Internet. Online databases give people access to thousands of designs. It can be easy to find the right design because most sites include comprehensive search facilities. It is common to be able to search by color, size or style. In addition, there are often photos of members with tattoos which give you an idea of what the style will look like when it is finished.

While tattoos are great for show there are some bad things about them as well. Tattoos are produced by piercing the skin with a needle and injecting small amounts of ink. Because of this, the risk of infection is always a possibility. This depends very much on the sanitation of the artist. For example, the risk of infection is much higher if they dont clean their equipment after every use. While there is no way to guarantee a good artist, browsing through internet forums of tattoo enthusiasts should be able to point you in the direction of a reputable artist.

Another problem with tattoos is the cost and difficulty of removal. If you ever change your mind, surgery can be costly and carries its own risks of complications. Most insurance companies wont pay for the costs of removal unless there is a specific medical or health reason. If insurance wont pay the cost for removal, you will need to pay the costs out of your own pocket. An alternative to surgery is laser removal. However, depending on the area that you have the tattoo on, laser tattoo removal can be very painful. Again, you will probably have to pay the costs yourself.

The best way to avoid problems with removal is to be certain that you want the tattoo in the first place and that the design you have chosen is one you will be happy with for life.