Is It Time For Custom Golf Clubs?

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/2/2008 | Sports
Having your own set of custom golf clubs is a dream every serious golfer has. You can purchase a very nice set of clubs from a pro shop or specialty store but even those will not necessarily fit your style of play perfectly. A custom set of clubs will be configured to match your skill, style and body type perfectly. Continually having to repair a set of golf clubs that do not match your playing style can get expensive and irritating. A custom set of clubs helps alleviate this expenditure and may end up paying for itself over time.

Custom golf clubs will not be cheap. Obviously having something specially made to your personal specifications will cost more in time and material than simply picking up a set from the pro shop. The process which custom golf clubs are made is simple. Measurements will have to be made of your height, your arm length and typical swing speed. These are the factors that go into making a set of custom golf clubs.

Once the measurements are made then the building of your golf clubs can begin. It may cost you thousands of dollars depending on the materials used to make the clubs; however, the serious golfer will find that the expense was worth it. Having custom golf clubs made with the exact specifications of your personal measurements, height and swing will help solve problems that have occurred on the golf course. Imagine, you will no longer have to play with a club that just does not feel right. The golf club in your hand will be specifically tailored for your body and skill.

How can you determine if a custom set of golf clubs is right for you? Once you have reached a certain level of experience or skill, you will begin to feel like improvements could be made if only your equipment was just a little better. You can remember how you felt when you began wanting newer equipment as you progressed past beginner golf. You upgraded a driver here or a putter there. Upgrades are consistent until you decide your game is ready for a custom golf club set.

Custom golf clubs are a huge investment, both financially and in your game. You will want to make sure the fitting is correct. You will want to make sure the fitting is done right. You should use someone you can trust when you are making this type of investment. You certainly do not want to waste money but you also want to get the custom golf clubs that best suit your current skill, potential ability and body type.