UFOs... Are We Alone?

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/2/2008 | Science and Technology
UFO (Unidentified Flying Object.) Just the mention of those three little letters spreads fear, wonder or laughter. Seems either you believe it or not, there is no middle ground.

Have you ever wondered why? What is it about UFOs that holds us so mesmerized?

Ever since the time of Alexander the Great in 329 BC, sighting of unexplained lights and objects in the sky have been reported. In 1235 AD, the Japanese army spoke of strange lights in the nighttime sky, more lights were seen in Nuremberg, Germany and pilots in WWII noted lights dancing amongst both the Allied and Axis aircraft.

These WWII sightings gave rise to the term UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and saw governments worldwide gathering thousands of accounts documenting UFO sightings and close encounters.

As the number of sightings grew, a new study arose called UFOlogy otherwise known as the scientific investigation and classification of unidentified flying objects.

Not only did eyewitnesses report sightings, some even reported being abducted and studied, being implanted with objects or having objects removed from their bodies, even impregnated (although this has never been proven).

Perhaps the most famous incident of a UFO sighting, Roswell New Mexico, has brought with it accusations of a government cover up, accounts of men in black threatening those who spoke out about what they saw, and especially in the past few years, a rise in public interest of the events.

Why does the mention of UFOs stir such an interest with us? Is it the curiosity about the technology? If these aliens can travel through space at such speeds, what else do they have?

If we can prove that there is intelligent life out there, it would help to answer one of life's greatest mysteries... are we alone?

Besides the wonder that UFOs bring with them, there is also the fear factor. We've all seen the cattle mutilations, heard the stories of humans being experimented on and left sick or dying. What else can they do?

Despite all of the proof that UFOs exist, there are still thousands if not millions of people across the globe that scoff whenever the subject emerges. These skeptics will tell you that these accounts are made up to gain attention or that they are coerced (especially if made under hypnosis).

Photographs also no longer offer proof of UFO sightings. They can be digitally manufactured easily by using a computer and a drawing program.

No matter what your position on the idea of UFOs, you cannot dismiss the fact that there have been and continue to be reports of strange happenings throughout the world and these will always cause wonder and amazement among us.