The Real Secret to Earth Shattering Power and Influence

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/23/2006 | Spirituality
Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa. A few of the names you would no doubt be familiar with because they were movers and shakers. Why is that? How did they get to such a position?

We have all heard the phrase "God helps those that help themselves." Some have taken this to mean that to try things on your own elicits support from invisible powers. Others use it as an excuse to be selfish when called on to lend a hand.

It is good to help yourself, but that is small potatoes to actually sublimating that ability to the service of others. To go further and actually turn that ideal into a mission, well, the invisible powers evoked then are going to be ever more powerful, and the greater the mission, the greater the powers that will not be able to resist coming to your aid, for you will be aiding humankind and the world.

That last sentence was a pretty big one describing a pretty big plan, and the bigger the goal, the bigger you become. It's just that simple a concept, although the task you take on may be anything but!

Do you want to be a Martin Luther King or do you want to be a king? Mother Teresa did not necessarily care about helping the extremely poor at first, but she wanted to be like Jesus. He was the role model that moved her to a life lived for others. A king or ruler is also a servant to others.

Greatness is measured by the greatest good to the greatest number of people. Aspire to help others and you may spiral to lofty heights, especially as regards to fame in the political arena if you do not mind the possibility of getting assassinated as did four of the five personalities mentioned in the first sentence of this report. And even Mother Teresa's role model did not escape this risk from rattled suppressives.

So there you have the secret of earth shattering power and influence, with a warning that there is a dark side.

That will not deter you though, because you will be putting others before yourself. You will be wielding great power through your convictions, tempered by your humility. A force for balance, willing to endure the strain of imbalance by focusing on an outcome of making the world a better place, even if not in your short lifetime.

That of course is what makes heroism and martyrdom so big. You either risk or give up the thing about you that is perishable, for a thing that can live well beyond scant carnate years. This thing so worth dying for is called Honor. Those who say you cannot take anything with you when you go, know not of it.

Honor can even be born in the middle of disgrace. That happens after history comes around to seeing that you were not only right, but had the courage to stick to a better idea rather than giving in to conformity. You will then have changed the world and influenced generations and generations to come.