What is Your Driveway Saying?

By Sanjog Gopal Published 01/11/2008 | Home Improvement

I used to laugh when I saw my old neighbor out sweeping and power washing her driveway. I could not comprehend spending that much time on a piece of pavement used to park your car. After going through the agony of selling my home, I have a better appreciation of what she was up to.

A driveway is one of the first things people see when they drive by your home.  It makes a silent statement about the home and its owners, and a driveway full of clutter, over ridden with weeds or in general disrepair,  makes a very loud, negative statement.

Here are some tips for perking up your laneway and ensuring it's sending the write kind of message.

Clean-Up. Do a general tidying of your driveway, toys, garden tools and any clutter. Pressure wash and get rid of the weeds.

Frame It. Your laneway needs some kind of border to frame it out. This could be as simple as edging the sidewalk, or as costly as adding  concrete curbs or brick - let your budget be the judge.

Think Greenery. Adding shrubs and trees on either side of your driveway add color and interest to help create curb appeal. It shows the owners take pride in their yard and home.

Add a Trellis. A trellis with climbing, blossoming vines such as roses or clematis provides a stunning focal point. 

Create a Brick or Stone Driveway. Although costly, a brick driveway has a clean, elegant look that makes a definite statement about the owner. Instead of replacing the whole driveway, try creating a brick border or inlay small decorative sections into the driveway as accents.

Plant a Fence. If you have a shared driveway with your neighbor, plant a privacy wall of flowers or shrubs to separate the two entrances.

Lighten Up! Install landscape lighting along the border of your driveway. This could be in the form of runway lighting or staggered lamps along the edge. Install a large street lamp as an accent.

Build a Wall. A retaining wall along the side of a laneway gives it a nice finished look. They look great as built in planters with flowers spilling over.

Get Rocky. Give your gravel driveway a facelift by topping up the gravel. To really spruce it up, add white or red stones with a complementary border.

Shape it. Who says driveways have to be long and skinny? Add a curve or create a circular version with a prominent centerpiece such as a fountain or a statue.

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