What Does Your Dream Vacation Home Feature?

By Lee Cameron Published 02/5/2008 | Real Estate

What wanders across your imagination when thoughts of your dream vacation home come into your mind?  I don't suppose it is location, location, location - but that is what we are told is the number one thing we must consider.

There are several prime vacation home areas that you can choose from if you are toying with the idea of a second home. Part of it depends on whether you want to sun, ski, sail or stalk Mother Nature in the wilderness.

Some things about vacation homes are generic - whatever the location - and some similar features  are always sought after. One of the big things, although not always affordable, is a room with a view. If you can buy a vacation home with a view, it will always be one of the first ones to sell if you need to sell it.

Everyone likes to look out onto sparkling blue water or beautiful green parks, or peaking white mountain tops. In order to fully appreciate the view, a large deck or  balcony is preferable. Spaciousness on a deck is a must; many of us entertain via barbecues on our patios and the more room you have, the more guests you can invite!

If you are really only going to use your vacation home as a twice-annual  place to go to for a holiday, you will not mind if it is far afield. However, if you are semi-retired and could see yourself going to your vacation home on and off all through the year, you might want to consider the convenience of traveling to it.

Such details as the closeness of the airport to the home and frequency and cost of flights will become  important. Perhaps you will plan to drive there - in which case the considerations may be slightly different.

Normally in a vacation home we consider whether or not there are enough restaurants nearby for dining out. However, when that gets expensive you will appreciate having  an efficient kitchen in your vacation home. A modern kitchen is something we take for granted in North America, so double check that you have all the appliances you need in your vacation home.

Eating at home means that for the first couple of days you can ease your stomach carefully into the gastro-delights of your vacation environment. It is also very 'homey' to have meals around the table when / if your family joins you for vacation.

The question of families raises the question of activities: do you want to be near to some recreation? If the answer is yes, you will need to check out the conditions at the local golf course and ensure that guest members are okay. If you are interested in horse riding, sailing or whatever your preference, this will have to be investigated in the place of your choice, before you sign on the dotted line.

We are all so 'techno' these days, so look for homes built with high-speed and wireless Internet connections. Also check for an adequate  number of phone outlets and  computer stations.

If you are buying a condo, be very careful with sight-unseen choices. They could be very beautiful but very isolated! Also with condo buying, check the in-house rules that every resident has to live by; very important!

For instance, if you plan on renting it out for the summer - make sure that rentals are  allowed as this is not always the case. Also, if you plan on doing your own renovations make sure that this is allowed as, once again, it is not always the case. Do read the management rules of the condo unit  and have them signed into your legal sale contract; this protects you too.

This article was provided by the writing team of Lee Cameron, one of the top REALTORS® in the Orlando real estate market. Lee has over 13 years of experience in the industry, and can guide you in the process of finding Orlando and Maitland FL real estate.