Diesel fuel alternative

By Charles Hopkins Published 03/13/2006 | Environment

Diesel fuel alternatives are needed because the cost of gas and oil rises continually. The diesel that is used in the trucks, campers, and in the vehicles we use everyday is getting more costly by the mile. To lower the overall costs of what we are driving diesel fuel alternatives are constantly being explored.

Biodiesel is one type of alternative fuel that is already being explored. It is being used by those who are most caught up in the industry, those who are fighting against paying those high prices for fuel. Biodiesel is a cleaner fuel one that doesnt burn with all the after smells and chemicals in to the air. Yes there are some odors and fumes put into the air, but it is overall a much cleaner type of fuel. There is no petroleum, no oil in the biodiesel being tested and used in some areas of the world. Biodiesel can be blended and mixed with other types of diesel, that do contain petroleum, and the machinery will still run continuously as it should so you can get to point B and you can make production times but with a much lower cost.

The biodiesel can be used in a compression ignition engine (which is a diesel engine) that is a little different from that of the regular gasoline engine. Little or no changes have to be made in a diesel engine to run the biodiesel blend or a straight biodiesel mixture without the petroleum added. What is biodiesel? It is an easy to use diesel fuel alternative, that is biodegradable, that is not toxic and that is free of sulfur and aromatics, which are pollutants to the atmosphere.

The biodiesel that is being used as a mixture or in its purest form is produced from any fat or oil such as soybeans, from corn and such. This is a fuel source that is being grown in our own country, and that you can obtain without harming the atmosphere, and without relying on other countries for a source of energy. Biodiesel is not the same as raw vegetable oil, it is different. If you were to put vegetable oil into your car, into any diesel, it is not going to run.

There is a process that refines the oil from soybeans, corn and from such types of grown foods, that is known as transesterification. This process is one that will force a reaction between alcohol and the oil, to remove the glycerin and leaving you with a by-product that is known and used as biodiesel. Biodiesel is being produced, and has been used for a few years now, and it is under testing procedures for expansion and for use in many vehicle lines. Biodiesel is not used or registered as a legal motor fuel, but it is being tested for further specifications.

To understand the alternative to diesel, you first need to understand that there are two separate types, one is a mixture of biodiesel with regular diesel, a blend, while the other is not using diesel in the mixture at all it is a straight biodiesel without the use of petroleum in the mixture. Beiodiesel is currently being sold as a fuel additive under federal regulations, and within just a few years, it will be approved and sold as an alternative fuel.