Easy Steps To Build You Own Quad Core Computer

By Roberto Sedycias Published 07/19/2008 | Computer

What is Quad Core Computer? Quad Core computer is essentially a speed demon that allows its user to play high-end video games, run computer programs, and rip DVDs at the same time!

The second generation quad core processor offers multitasking performance with greater energy efficiency. The performance that you get is that of 4 CPUs. Dominating the work of CPU on a single core the quad core CPU allows multi-tasking more easily. The high performance infrastructure application can maximize the virtualization efforts with efficiency. However, the high potential computing power of the processor with four cores can be gained by the use of software that is coded to be multi threaded. The brilliant concept of the software helps the processor work efficiently along with virtually increasing the running speed of the programs.

How to create your own QC Computer:

Buying a Quad Core Computer could be expensive; however, if you are running low on your budget you could build your own quad core computer for less than you can imagine. All you have to do is choose the essential components fit them in your existing PC to realize the speed and your dream QC computer. Here is what you have to buy for turning your home PC into a quad core speed demon.

Motherboard: The choice of motherboard depends on certain things such as whether you choose an Intel or an AMD processor, or what type of graphics cards you use. You need to decide on a motherboard on the basis of your requirements.

CPU: When it comes to the CPU, you are left with two choices, i.e., Intel Version and AMD Version. If you want to go economical, AMD Phenom 9500 can help you save some money which can invest in good graphics cards.

Memory: Choosing the memory is a tad bit tough as you have to balance between price, quality and speed. You can go either with Patriot DDR2-1066 or choose DDR2-800 OCZ Gold Edition RAM which is available in a dual channel 2GB kit.

Hard Drive: Hard Drive decides speed of a quad core computer. While choosing hard drives, focus more on the speed factor than size. You can count on 250GB SATA2 Seagate drive. It wont let you down.

Video Card: You cant imagine a gaming rig without good video cards. Whether you choose nVidia or ATI, both offer excellent options. If you want to maintain a perfect balance between price and performance, Saphire Radeon 3870 with 512MB of video memory could do the trick for you.

DVD Drive: Choose a burner that works well for you. Since they are not too costly, you shouldnt hesitate to invest in a good DVD drive for your self-made quad core computer.

Case and PSU: Choose a case that will endure load and allow air out of it. The good news is most of the cases come with a power supply. Also look at the cooling feature as well. You can go with the Antec Sonata III case that is availabe with an Earthtech 500 Watt PSU.

Cables: Usually, cables come with the motherboard. However, you can check the manufactures website to be sure if they are a part of the motherboard box. In case you dont find cables in the box, you might need an IDE cable for your DVD drive and also SATA cables for each hard drive.

Windows Vista: It doesnt really matter if you already have a home premium version, you would do well to order 64 bit version if you want to empower your quad core computer with 4GB RAM capacity.

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