Bonus Room

By Kevin Carden Published 07/23/2008 | Home Improvement

When you are building your house and you find that you are going to have one extra bedroom available, realize you have many opportunities to make this room into a fun playroom, media room, an office or study, maybe a library? This is a big decision. I think the easiest way to make this decision is to decide how you and your family spend most of your time. Are you big movie watchers, or readers, or do your kids have tons of toys that just wont fit in their rooms? Is it possible for this room to be a combination of a couple of these? Maybe could you have a media room/ playroom? I think this depends on how clean you like things. I would say if you dont plan on making your kids put their toys up after they play with them, it would be very smart and beneficial to make this just a separate playroom. Your media room should not be cluttered because you want to invite people in there to be comfortable. Clutter tends to make me feel cautious and a little less at ease. But also if you are not really avid movie watchers it might be smart to make this the office/ library. This could be a place that would be off limit to the kids and you and your husband could keep your computer and all of your files here, along with your books. You could build in shelves to the walls so that the books would be out of the way. Another thought would be to make this room your hobby room. Your hobby room is the place where you go to either exercise or do some scrap booking. You could let your kids use this room when friends come over. Instead of having them running around the entire house, make this into their little entertainment area. I decided that I wanted the option of having a bonus room, so I could have the option of making it into whatever I wanted. I found this website, and was able to look through hundreds of their house plans and find one that had a bonus room upstairs like I wanted. I also found that if I had found a house plan that did not have a bonus room, they have a tool where you can add one into your house plan, by using their modification tool. This modification tool is easy to use because you can draw in where you would want the bonus room and it will send it to the designer of the plan and they will go over it and tell you the price of how much the change will be. I love that they made me feel like such a big part of choosing my dream home. I felt like I got to find the home that fit me exactly. I was able to pick the number of floors, garage bays, bathrooms, where I wanted to the master bedroom, and how much I wanted to spend and it lead me straight to the plan I desired. I love that made it so easy!

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