Virtual Sport, The New Face Of Gambling

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/31/2008 | Games

Casino sites have been one of the main-stays of the web, almost since its inception. It is hard to surf for any length of time without seeing banner ads for Casino sites or sponsorships by bookmakers.

The traditional offerings from gambling sites have been virtual versions of the games that have been the big earners for the land based Casinos, plus online access to the bookmakers sportsbooks. There is however, no real need to take the approach of being limited to the games and sporting events that worked in offline Casinos and bookmakers, when you take the process online.

The missed opportunity in this approach is the chance to offer games that dont rely on a real life chance event such as a winning horse or the turn of a card- but instead to offer games that lend themselves to being played in a browser- i.e. games that can be played using a random number generator. A by-product of making a game with a random number generator, unlike a sporting event, is that once it has been built and certified 100% fair- it is not touched again and players can feel reassured that the game is unbiased.

A new generation of gambling games is now emerging as the online gambling industry matures. The operators are seeing growing demand for more diverse games alongside the traditional ways to wager. This has helped innovation as sites are keen to differentiate themselves and we are at last seeing that there is not the same predictable line-up of sports, casino and games betting on every site.

If you know where to look, exciting things are on offer amongst the vast choice of internet gambling sites.

One example of the newer generation of gambling games is Virtual Sport Betting: based on the idea of virtual leagues mirroring the real life leagues from around the world. All the teams and players are updated monthly so the virtual game is as close as possible to the real thing.

F1x2Games is a software developer running the site football1x2(dot)com- they wrote the first version of their Virtual Football betting software in 2004, since then it has grown in popularity to the point where, across its entire network- around three million bets are placed on the game every month.

If you are a system player, this game is ideal to use various kinds of strategy, given the huge variety of odds on offer. The random number generator F1x2Games uses has been assessed by The University of Hertfordshire in the UK to be 100% fair. This means that unlike, say, a fruit machine in a bar, it has no preprogrammed payback rate. If you win big the game is just as likely to pay out again straight away.

The game features virtual versions of all the top leagues from around the world, with all the players and teams updated monthly. There are also now virtual versions of the World Cup, Euro 2008 and The Champions League. Youll also never have to wait for the next game as virtual matches are played every 90 seconds, so theres loads to bet on.

If youd like to see how the Virtual Football games work, you can try them in Play for fun mode, so you can check out the site for free.

Online gambling expert Larry Pickleman is a widely respected industry voice. Football1x2 created the original online Virtual Football betting game way back in 2002.