Software Development In Australia Underrated And Over Performing

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/12/2008 | Computer

Software Development has been one of the critical cores of satisfying the users real needs with virtual solutions. It has also revolutionised the business and marketing arena. Software Development often includes activities that are not normally associated with engineering, the base of software development. Some of these may include marketing, (both real-world as well as Internet Marketing services), human resource management, crisis management and others. These set of skills combined is required to successfully complete a software development project.

Software Development does not stop at only developing a software product for the client. The whole process includes marketing the product, acquiring proper feedback and then solving any anomalies and problems that the client may be having with the software product. Internet Marketing as well as Web development services have been built around this core of software development process and has become a rage in several parts of the world today.

Australia is a major hub of IT consulting companies that specialise in providing Software Development projects and allied Web development services. Software Development business in Australia has been a major success because of two main reasons. One is the monetary factor.

The other is that the skill set required in producing quality application development is recruited by such companies on site. In fact, Motorola Australia Software Center (MASC), with its stations in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide was the first site to be certified CMM level 4 in the Southern Hemisphere! A number of multinationals (IBM, Canon, HP, Satyam etc) have exploited this Australian software development global research power to the hilt. Many Australian IT firms are into mutually prospering partnerships with global clients and corporate organisations, such as Sun Microsystems and EDS with Prophecy International in Australia.

A combination of the right programming language and the correct software development models or processes is the key to a successful software development project. There are many such models or methodologies of software development process available. Some of the more popular ones include Agile, Cleanroom, RAD, RUP and others that are built around the basic Waterfall model and the Iterative Model. These models or processes are collectively called the life cycle of software development or SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

The popularity of Software Development industry in Australia has propelled it to the arenas of business, banking, tourism, hotel, insurance and others, whose requirements range from Complex ERP implementation to simple website development. With technology moving at dizzying speed, gone are the long hours and days spent on coding and programming. Depending on the software being developed, these days there are code generation applications available as well as templates which make the job really simpler. This significantly reduces the cost for a company which is contracting out a huge project at the same time improving quality due to more automation in software development process.

The Software Development Industry in Australia is basically export oriented with almost 52% of their software development products being exported and a further 32% is in the pipeline. The major success has been contributed by Australian colleges and universities. Almost 85% of the colleges in Australia are actively engaged in the development and research of software and allied technologies.

In Australia, you will find some of the best work practices available. staff come highly trained and these talented individuals when sent to various companies have the ability to assimilate the culture and integrate with the IT personnel. Thus the Software Development process runs smoothly and effortlessly.

These individuals obtain all relevant information about the business and how it works. This helps in starting the project on time and in most cases, keeping to the deadline of the project.

If you have been searching for the right place and people to trust with your Software Development requirements, you have found your answer! Software Development in Australia is not only of the highest quality but real value for money as well.

Bhauvik Tripathi is the founder of Shivam Technologies, an Australia-based company specialising in software development and Internet Marketing. Shivam offers specialised Software Development, Internet Marketing and IT Support services to Australian businesses.