Storage Space: Who Needs It?

By Kevin Carden Published 08/23/2008 | Home Improvement

Do you need to section off part of your home to store all the old gadgets and gizmos from your past? Are you moving to a new home and you have finally come to the realization that you are sick of not being able to use your garage to park your cars? If so, then I think it is time to consider getting rid of some of your junk. Yes, the stuff in your house that you dont use is junk and it is taking away the opportunity for your home to be the neat and clean beacon it was designed to be. No matter how much stuff you are bringing with you from your old house you need to make sure your new house has a little room for those miscellaneous items that wont have their own specific place. I have had the experience of watching people bring in all these items that they are still going to use ONE day, yet they have been just sitting in their garages taking up space. I decided when I moved in my house that I would make sure that I went through all these little items and decided to only keep the ones I just could not live without, and coming to grips with the fact that somebody else could use that bike that I bought in college to get to class and that no matter how much I wanted I just would not be riding it anymore. You wouldnt realize how helpful going through your things and donating the things you just wont use is. Besides getting some well-needed space in your home, you are making someone less fortunate happy. I have found that the best place for a storage room is in your garage, but I have loved that mine actually has a door knob. Your garage itself is not a storage room. It is for your cars and using it as one just makes it into a huge junk room that you keep adding more junk to because you think you have a lot more space than you actually do! I think small things like this garage storage room is why I decided to be my own contractor. I went to and found a house plan I loved, and though it didnt have a storage room in the garage, I was able to use their modification tool and add one. I was also able to scan different house plans to get an idea of how I could add little places to store some things like the kids skates. I found that you can make a quaint little additional storage space underneath your stairs by just telling the builder and your house plan designer. I just loved that it was such an easy thing to do! made it easy to ask the designer all the questions I had about my new house and see if there would be other places in the home to add little storage rooms. I love this website, it has been very helpful!

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