Sexy is as Sexy Does

By Dal Medina Published 09/3/2008 | Sex and Dating
Maybe you've passed by a Construction site and you heard men going "PSSSST" followed by obscenities that would make their Hugh Heffner blush.  One of those adjectives certainly is SEXY.  Well, they are right.  Yet, some women have their days when they feel positively UN-sexy.  Maybe they feel bloated, moody or just generally in their BLAH-Mood or maybe you are in a  Well, here goes, against my better judgment, tips on becoming more sexy.  First and only rule, sexy is as sexy does.  You may have heard Forest Gump say "Stupic is as stupid does."  Same thing with Sexy.  Sexy is not a body type, it's an Aura.  It's not actions, it's confidence.

First tip you'll find is hygiene.  Alwasy take showers and feel clean, if you go for a stroll and you sweat, just take a quick shower to keep yourself clean.  Being clean and having a good oral hygiene helps in being confident.  Worried about tha blemish that's on the tip of yoru nose?  Get over it, it'll go away in a few days.  If acne is a big problem for you, well invest in a dermatologist. Most poeple rave about Pro-Avtice, but their main ingredientis Benzoyl Peroxide, so if you buy generics, you'll get the exact same results without the dent in your purse, or hubby's wallet.

Confidence is perhaps your biggest asset at being sexy. Confidence takes practise, in how you speak and how you walk.  People who are wired or lethargic do not look sexy. It needs to be a balance, a grace and an effort.  Confidence is also in wearing clothes you feel good in. There's a HUGE difference in looking sexy and looking slutty, and you will want to avoid the other unless you've decided to make some quick cash by selling yourself.  Pick styles that flatter yoru figure and though Black is slimming and sexy, we do not want to look Goth.  Seriously, you passed that stage at 13.  Invest in colors and styles taht match you. Invest in comfort and style, and come one, throw out or repair ripped clohtes. By the way, those shorts tha show off half your derriere are not sexy, they are nasty. Be careful.

Are you bigger or smaller than average?  Think you don't look sexy? Think again.  Pick out flattering clothes and work on your walk.  Accentuate the positive.  If you have long eye lashes, you are the envy of some women.  If you have a big butt, well, I know women who have none. Have tiny boobs, I know women who NEED a reducation.  We may all hate parts of our bodies, but others find that they'd love to have what we do. If you have exceedingly tiny boobs, well, wear a padded or silicone customed bra.  No guy will be turned off my your boobs and if he has the audacity to tell you that:  "they're not as bigger as he thought."  Be savvy and answer: "what a coincoidence!"  Chances are though, most guys will not care if you have watermelons or fried eggs as boobs, once they get you.

Wear make-up. There's nothing wrong with make-up. Do not overdo it, you don't want people to make fun of you. Work on certain areas, maybe wear red lipstick and dark mascara, and at other times maybe wear dark shadow and pink lip gloss. Then you can go natural and just eyeliner and a neutral shade, and so on. Work with your hair.  I wear wigs at events and no one ever knows the difference. It only adds to the mystery of sexual attraction.  Sexy is a lot about sex appeal, and men respond a lot different than we think. A man may get an erection by just catching a slight glimnpse of yrou cleavage or by looking at the outline of yoru G-string, but you can probably see them naked and try to help from laughing.  If you show off everything and leave nothing to his imagination, then there'll be no excitement because you have showed him all your treats.

You want to smell nice, but do not overdo it. You do not want people to have to hold their breath when they are with you.  Keep a good posture and act non-chalant.  You may be turned off by people who look emotionally needy, so try to look unimpressed yet interesting.  Hey, I never advocate starving or reducing just to meet guys. If you feel like you need to get healthy, stick to an excercsie program you can work with.  Drink plenty of water, it makes your skin look suple. Tan and bronzed is sexy, but our unforgiving sun is hard on our skin. Wear sun block and always protect your skin from the sun.

Do not obsess over your love life.  People are turned off by someone who keeps mentioning that their biological clock is ticking tic tock ticl toc.  It's nice to bein love and have someone worship you, but's it's thoroughly fun to be single and unattached.  If my tips fail, here's soemthing I always do when I feel BLAH. I look at my butt in the mirror and repeat this MANTRA 5 times: "My ass looks fabulous!!"  Then Presto, am laughing and and applying eyeliner before I know it.  Be sure to write in with your suggestions.