The Decandence of Love

By Dal Medina Published 09/3/2008 | Relationships

The Decadence of LOVE

     Love in principle is a beautiful thing. In Lust, oftentimes is the same thing. However, though for many there is no fundamental difference between love and lust, we all do incredibly foolish things in the name of both. For the romantics, let us only discuss love.  Love is kind, not blind. Love is not jealous, it does not puff up; neither does it F-up.  It is flowers, chocolates and cupid, it is not stupid.  We all know the nice and dandy things love ought to be, but I'd like to speak of what it ought NOT to be. Stay with me please, it is my devoted wish that all my dearest ladies be enlightened.  This is not a satire, or my taking the high horse, since I fell of my horse, am afraid to ride high ones.  Lets level the playing field, the love field.

     Love is not immoral, though we always put love as an excuse to justify why we screw married men and live in common law unions. I truly hate to hear women try to use LOVE to justify why you have never gotten married and always chose someone else's husband.  Are we so feeble that we cannot conquer the Love spell and move on?  If someone cannot honor you with marriage, HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU!!, why the hell would you stay with him and devote yourself to him?  It is absolutely asinine.  Well, life will grant us a few mistakes, but the perpetual or repetitive mistake in the name of love reflects bad on shows are stupid and foolish and the combination of both leaves us with a negative IQ.  One or two or even three huge mistakes in the name of love is okay, but if our whole life employs LOVE to justify our stupidity, then it is time to change, and not gradual, drastic 180 degree turn and do it now.

     Too, He beats me now and then, he apologizes and promised never to do it againbut he does Love me you know.  He buys me flowers and chocolates, its my favorite part of our relationship, is when I see him cry and come to beg my forgiveness.  So I go back with him and he behaves so well until I piss him off again, or question him as to where hes been.  This is the other area I abhor where women use LOVE to justify domestic violence.  How can you say that a man who beats you LOVES YOU, or how can you be entranced, madly in love with a worthless man?  If he has childhood issues, if he was abused or hit himself as a child, well, thats tough and his story, but only weak cowards drag their sorry-assed troubles into a marriage.  I always offer to help, but never remain friends with a woman who uses love to tolerate and so perpetuate Violence.  Why, if its flowers you like, youll get so many when he kills you and people come to place flowers on your coffin. Dont be an idiot, or say I dont understand, there is no reason to tolerate violence, the only violence I advocate is YOU beating him dead after he beat you.

     Another misuse of LOVE is to tolerate other women.  Some women know who the other woman is, carry a picture of her in their purse, but cannot even begin to fathom the idea of walking away, of divorcing.  If he does it once or maybe twice is a stretch, and its up to you to forgive, but if he constantly disappears for days and returns sporadically with you to enter your bed  Sweet talks you into not even holding remorse, please open your eyes and see that a man who constantly goes with other women DOES NOT LOVE YOU and you should not love him either.  Unless you are a fan of some venereal disease youve always wanted to contract since you were a child, like the wishes for wedding dresses and princes, then okay, its allowed.  If you are dying to contract HIV, or love being pitied, or are some kind of sadomasochist and love the blemishes on your familys name and on yours, go ahead, take him back and close your eyes tightly to all his faults, to all his women.  Its your choice, but my advice, is to get a fantastic lawyer and just leave himhalf broke and repentedbut do not go back.  Only dogs go back to eat their vomit.

     My dear lady, if you feel I have been too hard on you, I will relish in the joy that at least my words have in fact had an impact on you and that you will realize how intelligent you are and straighten up your life.  Love is all good, it is indeed wonderful, it is even silly at times, but it is not stupid and neither should you be.  If you know a friend who uses love to justify bad or downright stupid behavior, it is your duty as her friend to point it out.  There ought to be no decadence in love, leave the putrid for hate, for abhorrence, for all the bad things, Leave Love undefiled, you owe it to yourself, for when you really fall in love, you will know how different it is.  If you are within the three percent who have already found love and live happily with the man of your dreams..I congratulate you. If you are among those struggling, well, please know that you will have every womans backing to do better and to get out of the gutter. Be loved my dear lady, but do not love when you do not have to.