The Ugly Scars we leave

By Dal Medina Published 09/3/2008 | Relationships
The ugly scars we leave...        Just this week, I met three men whose wives ran off with other men.  I was initially apathethic, because after all, haven't men been cheating on their wives for centuries?  Well, of the guys I met, and the countless others who share similar dishonor, only very few had cheated on their wives.  It's incredibly difficult to speak so candidly about female infidelity, since not only am I a woman and pro-girls-do-whatever-they-feel-like, but also a sister to three brothers, a daddy's girl, a fíancé and a good friend to many guys...and I hate when women cheat.  I also hate when men cheat too, but more when women cheat.  It'll be hard to explain without seeming like I have a double standard.      Lately, I met a very nice guy named Lance, and he's thousands of miles away, so you do not know him so I can open his life as an example for you.  It's totally platonic, mpst guys are..what the F do I mean most?...ALL guys are, except my fíancé.  Anyway, let's resume Lance's story.  He's nice, witty, a littel heavy, rich, gentlemanly and married this girl with two boys.  Her past life didn't matter, he loved her.  Then one day, her bags were packed and another man was coming to pick her up.  Now some of Lance's friends told me that she packed up all the expensive jewelry he had given her, all the 400 phones, Ipods, video games, laptops etc that he had gotten for her children to use.  He had grown attached to the kids, he didn't even try to stop her.  I mean, literally, she was the worst case of gold digger/bitch you've heard of.      By the end of te story, I truly loathed Amanda.  SHe made me ashamed of the whole idea of women cheating on theri husbands.  I say that because she had cheated on him from day one, while dating and on the second day after they got married...during their honeymoon if you can imagine that.  I thought to myself, this wench, thso sorry slut, she ought to be hanged for leaving indelibel scars of femininity.  Too, perhaps on a very positive note, I've resolved never to cheat on my guy, I love him, after all.  Also, I will not as much as flirt with anyone, because I was truly moved by LAnce's perteptual suffering and the GOOD GUYS deserve better. They really do.      Now there's no such thing as a perfect man, but there is such a thing as a good man.  Men who love their mother and adore their grandmother.  Men who see women as godesses instead of conquests and who will gladly hold your bag while you spend three hours trying on different skirts and not buy a single one.  Men who will kiss your abdomen because some day, it encloses the wonb that may carry their child.   Men who think you are perfect and will gladly sit to hear you complain about a crappy day and will make you coffee and eggs and bacon and orange juice and pancakes as a surprise breakfast just because they want to make you happy.  Men who will hold you up in a pedestal even after you cheat on them...and these guys are WAY TOO GOOD FOR YOU if you cheat on them.      I will not even pretend to be a saint, I may be many things, but self-righteous is not one of them.  So my dear ladies, my closet is practically a graveyard with my many skeletons, but in light of my new epiphany, I will not be adding any more. it's time to clean up.  I urge you to do the same to give women back that saintly glow so we can be placed on pedestals once again, instead of the gutter.  So ladies, until next week, be sure to be good and sweet and remember that even bad men don't deserve to be cheated on, so please don't do it to the good guys left. After all, we don't want them to become gay, we're in short supply of good guys anyway.