We all seek perfection

By Dal Medina Published 09/3/2008 | Relationships

We all seek perfection

You probably have heard that single men (the very few left) are looking for the perfect woman.  My dear, that's you.  I will not bore you telling you that old "all woman are beautiful" cliche.  That's a load of BS.  Beauty, true beauty, has little to do with physical beauty. Perfection, on the other hand, lingers in your ability to combine looks with personality and seasoned with seduction, intrigue, femininity, attraction and illusion.

     Instead of wallowing in flawed thoeries of men's likes and dislikes: Here's a hint; let's work on making you perfect.  The perfect woman is virtuous, (mind you, this is very fearful too) but she's not afraid of her wild side. Some people equate a wild side with a drinking streak and though there's nothing wrong with drinking-virtue will not permit you to drink until you pass out in a drain... I am referring to adventure.  Adventure means that you will not be a party pooper or a nag. It also means that not only will you be willing to go hiking, bungee jumping, but at times, you will drag your wild side to the intimacy of your bedroom. Use your imagination and your Hoola Hoop skills.  Come on, after all, we are talking perfect.

     Though the epitome of perfection for many are iconic ladies such as the late Princess Diana or Jaqueline Kenendy and the likes, or if you are younger perhaps Rihanna or Britney Spears, you'll notice how our shift in values change; yet, the idea of role models does not.  We always measure ourselves against rigid standards of perfection and sadly, it's usually an anorexic model with 10 000 lip and boob jobs and million dollar jewelry.

However, even those seemingly perfect women have their bad days:  Their days when they look and feel horrible, and the days when they honestly just wish they could be YOU.  Do make an effort to keep a good hygiene and take care of your skin, comb yoru hair and a little lip gloss never hurt anyone... Do not obsess over looks and do not overdo it.

     Keep in mind that "perfect" is 99% illusion.  So the more you work at keeping the apperance of perfection, the more perfect you become.  Be open-minded, kind, loving, hospitable, generous, gracious, friendly, adventuruous, sensual, nice and you get the picture, you are becomming the PERFECT WOMAN.  Studies suggest that if you smile for 10 seconds, your brainis tricked into thinking that you are happy. Perhaps, in time of practising becoming a virtuous and perfect woman, you will be the perfect woman. Also, you are already perfect to some people, so just work on brushing your sharp edges.

     Do not compare yourself with other women.  Everyone has their good qualities and their flaws.  Most times, the major flaws of indisputably beautiful women is their attitude and haughtiness.  They think physical beauty, 36 D Bra size and 28 inch waist should make men drool and lick their feet. Initially, shallow men go for this type and after their decadent attitude murders the marriage...after the divroce they admit they've been vain and then resume their search for the perfect woman, you guessed it- YOU!!!