The Importance of Good Front Yard

By Kevin Carden Published 09/8/2008 | Home Improvement

The first thing anyone notices about a home is the front yard, and the first impressions are formed by what people see, even when they are only passing by. Front yard plays very important role which tells about your living style and your details to small things. So you really have to design your front yard very effectively and maintain the same like cutting the grass timely, trimming the hedges, raking those leaves, sweeping the sidewalks, and power-washing the driveway and of course have some plants properly maintained. Make sure you don't have too many potted plants scattered around the property. You'd be amazed how many people have dead plants in their yards. We can give elegant touches to an otherwise modest house by paying attention to the details. A classic gray, white and black color scheme sets the tone, as do neatly clipped hedges and topiaries and a traditional black lamppost. Brick paving and sculptures add to the semiformal look, which is made less rigid by splashes of annual flowers. The driveway and the entry walk, both usually paved surfaces are the two most basic elements. Make sure you position these two elements accurately on your base plan if its an existing house and yard, and later evaluate whether the drive and walk are serving their purpose effectively. In general, entry to the house is the primary focal point in the front yard. The front door plays an important role as well and it can be strengthened or reinforced by appropriate plants or accessories like a sweep of carefully maintained lawn with just a few trees, highlighting the entrance way, paint the front door with a color that works well with the house, having effective placement of accents, wise selection and placement of landscape materials. With respect to the plants, a designer can have varied range for selection like color, size and shape of plants and trees, and texture of the leaves. Flowers also play very important role, a well maintained flower bed will surely make stop passers-by and take a notice. If you dont have any flower bed or flower plant, it would be just another house and people wouldn't stop to look at it. These all aspects surely help in enhancing the visual appeal. A well kept front yard also indicates an equally well-kept house and says a lot about your pride in your home. Everyone would like to have a beautiful front yard with great visual appeal that makes people driving by their home want to stop and look - and admire. After all at the end of the day and lot of hard work, people do want to go back home and relax. On you get to see lot of virtual tours of various plans where you can surely visualize lot of plans with front yard get an even better idea of what you want.

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