Study Room

By Kevin Carden Published 09/9/2008 | Home Improvement

A study room is a place which offers a peaceful environment, no distractions or interruptions, plenty of natural light, with suitable furniture. It is a place to think, a place used for paperwork, computer work, or reading. In initial days it was a place used as the private office and reading room.  But now the study room is a must and is referred to as a den, home office, or library. A study room is built in an area which is quieter, is not connected to other rooms and that does not get a lot of traffic during the evenings. Like farthest end of the house or room in the mezzanine floor, off the staircase landing will be a perfect choice for study room. The important aspect while designing a study room is that it must have adequate lighting so it should have one or more windows for proper light and ventilation. To avoid noise level from outside you can select double glazed window. To avoid dust the windows should be fitted with glass shutters or fixed glass with minimum gaps. Other than that emphasis must be given to both task and ambient lighting. For ambient lighting you can go for ceiling and wall fixtures. A certain amount of ambient lighting in the room is required while the reading light is switched on to avoid harsh contrasts. Reading light on the desk must be flexible and of adjustable height to suit every user. The desk light should be anti-flicker lighting and should easily adjust to various angles and directions to achieve the best illumination. If you have computer in your study desk then go for a suitable light behind the computer screen to avoid straining your eyes. A portable floor lamp beside the armchair is also a nice way to encourage its use for reading. The furniture in study room includes a comfortable chair or smart swivel chair, a good desk as a writing table which can be used to hold the computer as well and a bookcase with reference materials. Take care of suitable power points and make provision for them as along with the computer, a reading light is a constant fixture on the table. The study table should have storage drawers and built-in cupboards. The storage containers can be used to maximize utility and minimize clutter, decorate the study in a way to make it a relaxed and quiet space. Bookcases keep the books safe for a very longer time as we all know that the books are priceless special care and maintenance has to be taken care of. For unwinding during study breaks you can also place a rocking chair along with some cushions. For selection of wall colors, go for calm colors like pastels, green, beige, and warmer shades like yellow or peach that create a soothing atmosphere for the study. For making the study room stand out you can have the entire world map on one wall. You can also have a white board to jot down reminders.  Lastly, make sure this space is used only for study, and that everyone in the home respects that the study room area as a quiet area. Study room you can say basically is the place where you begin the golden era of your life. So you must take care while designing, decorating and illuminating. has virtual tours of various plans. You can take these images and virtual tour and get an even better idea of what you want. You can see lot of plans with study area and you can experience your room as a 3D model where you can easily navigate and explore multiple room design variations, all online in vivid 3D.

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