Transform your Backyard into Outdoor Kitchen

By Kevin Carden Published 09/9/2008 | Home Improvement

You can transform your backyard into chefs oasis for a perfect patio or a garden party to host family lunch or dinner or maybe a Sunday brunch. Every time you look out of your back door you see it. The pleasures of a backyard cookout are amazing with steaks sizzling on the grill and cold beer flowing as freely as conversation across the lawn. But as a host you can hardly relist the time as you have be on your toes running back and forth with your hands full of condiments, utensils between the outdoor barbecue and the indoor fridge, every five minutes to grab platters of marinated meats, chilled drinks, forks and knives and what not. So the concept of outdoor kitchens has come to your rescue. These sophisticated chefs oasis of culinary mastery can transform your backyard into the envy of the neighborhood and add a new dimension of living space to your home. You can be a chef in your own backyard or patio area by transforming it into an outdoor kitchen! The appearance is very important, so take care that barbecue should not look out of place, so do follow the design of house and yard so that it fits into its surroundings. You can utilize ready-to-install freestanding units or you can customize built-to-order outdoor kitchens. You can go for theme based concept like stainless steel appliances with accenting ceramic tile, granite, and glass block designs or acrylic and pastels crockery with Hawaiian concept.  There are many products to opt for outdoor cooking like the Gas grill with stainless steel storage doors, and build that into an island, with a dual burner cook top, and an outdoor refrigerator. Gas grills made of Stainless steel allows big batch cooking steaks for a group and they're all-season weather resistant to boot. You can also go for smokers and wood burning ovens or infrared barbecues which heat up fast and produce the perfect steak in six minutes flat. Refrigerators can be used to store drinks, marinated meats, salads and condiments can be conveniently kept on hand. You can also build Cabinetry, storage that won't crack, split, warp or rot when exposed to wind, rain, cold and heat. Polymer is a wise choice of medium for cupboards, and stone or brick make good island bases. Take the time to consider materials and execution which you will be utilizing for outdoor furniture along with the electrical appliances.  Cedar can be used for patio furniture as it is moth-repelling and it smells wonderful. The table top should be able to stand up to hot plates being placed on them. Consider extra sets of affordable cutlery, plates and culinary utensils for cooking outdoors. Have retractable canopies to provide shade from the sun and umbrellas, and outdoor fireplace, portable backyard fire pits or chimneys to heat things, Also take care like positioning the grill to carry smoke away from where people congregate and eat from prevailing breezes. To avoid rainwater pooling on countertop and patios make it bit sloppy. Take care of drainage issues where tiered spaces are used. So you can convert your backyard into a place is relaxed, festive and friendly. On you get to see lot of virtual tours of various plans where you can surely visualize lot of plans with backyard and patio area to get an even better idea of what you want.

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