Choosing cabinet knobs or Pulls, points to keep in mind

By Zahir Shah Published 09/19/2008 | Home Improvement

Many decisions you would need to make while buying a new cabinet or refurbishing an old one. You would need to find out the space you have in your kitchen and according to that you should buy the right cabinet for you. Additionally, you would also need to decide whether to purchase the wood colors or any other one. And here is one of the important decisions, which should you choose cabinet knobs or Pulls?

In your cabinet hardware, this is one of the first decisions you need to make. Actually both the knobs and pulls do the same job but one may perform better than the other.

Facts of Cabinet Knobs:

Cabinet knobs are quite traditional when they are fitted to the doors of your cabinets. If you are buying a cabinet that is already made and having pre-installed hardware, you will most probably be getting cabinet knobs as a part of that deal. Cabinet knobs are pulled for opening a cabinet door and you will get them in round shapes. They are probably fitted with one screw or bolt on the door of your cabinet.

Facts of Cabinet Pulls:

On the other hand, cabinet pulls are C-shaped bars and attached to the cabinet through its two edges of the C. You would need to slip hand in to the C and use the leverage to utilize the cabinet pulls for opening the door. They take more space on your cabinet compare to the cabinet knobs, and are fitted through two screws.

The following are few pros and cons of cabinet knobs and pulls:

If the doors on which you are going to fit cabinet knobs or pulls are without any pre-drilled holes, you will need to work with a clean canvas. You will need to make holes for the cabinet hardware. You should prefer to cabinet knobs if you have lots of cabinets that need to be drilled as cabinet knobs just need one hole while cabinet pulls need two.

If you feel that there would be older people in the home, or people with weakness in their hands, opening cabinet knobs could be a tough job for them. Actually opening a cabinet door through a cabinet knob needs to round the fingers for pulling them out. Thats why they people would face difficulties in opening the door through the cabinet knobs. In this case you should prefer to cabinet pulls which are just needed to slip a few fingers into the pull and get the door open using the whole arm power.

If the look of your cabinet is more preferable to you, then the better choice would be cabinet knobs as they come in various designs, sizes and shapes which can decorate your cabinets rather than cabinet pulls.

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