How to Care for Fish in an Aquarium

By Brown Articles Published 09/23/2008 | Pets and Animals

            A clean, multicoloured and bright aquarium is always a fascinating attraction to have in a household, or why not in an office or studioor even a classroom.  Aquariums brighten up and even create a soothing atmosphere wherever they are placed.

            A few rules must be followed in order to keep this small water environment as pristine as you can. It is vital to take special care of the fishes in an aquarium, as they are usually very delicate pets to take care of.

            Choose the right fish tank for your needs and those of your pet fish. Tanks come in many different sizes and shapes, in which you can add plants, shells, sand, pebbles and other decorative elements as well as coloured lights, in order to turn your aquarium into a miniature marine world or freshwater environment. It is important to choose the kind of fish you may be able to care for, choose them according to the space you have available and the time you can spend looking after your fish.             Fishes for marine aquariums tend to be more difficult and expensive to care for, you also need to find out which fishes get along with which, generally freshwater fishes are easier to care for.

            Fishes may also vary much in size, you can find tiny fishes or very big ones, but remember that they all need lots of space in proportion to their size. Try not to forget this when buying your aquarium tank and make sure it will fit it in your home if you’re looking for big fish!

            Take care of the fish in your aquarium by changing the water regularly, approximately once a week, according to the type of fish and whether you have a good filtration system or other cleaning equipment.

            Some filtration systems work mechanically, chemically or biologically; they may be very effective but also harmful to some kind of fishes. Make sure you remove only half of the water when changing it, and then proceed with scrubbing and removing the algae from the sides of the aquarium’s tank. You will also need to test the substances present in the water, as you must take care of the quality of the water your fish need. The water contains different amounts of chemicals and you need to test the values of the pH, nitrates, ammonia and hardness of the water or it may harm your fish. The temperature of the tank’s water is also important, for some types, such as saltwater fishes need cool water; you will therefore need a cooling system as well as an air pump to oxygenate the aquarium’s water.

            Take special care when feeding your fish, for not all fishes eat the same food. You will find ready mixed preparations for each type of fish at the pet shop, and most have both plant and meat ingredients, either under form of pellets or flakes. Feed your fish once a day, taking care not to exceed the recommended amounts, as the fish may fall sick if they eat too much, and the left over food will dirty your aquarium.

            Take care of both the fish and the aquarium by following these few tips and you will find it is a pleasure to watch these colourful companions as they dance suspended in their pristine environment.