How to Get the Job you Desire or Wanted

By Johnny Articles Published 09/23/2008 | Jobs and Careers

The most vital role in getting a desirable job is played by your interview. It is the steeping stone for any desired job. One should make the best out of it. In an interview, you are time and again inquired about your strong points and weak points. If you identify your potential and can talk about your flaws and the ways you can get better in them you achieve a higher level than other applicants.

Recognizing your potential
In order to get a desirable job one needs to identify their potentials and there are many ways to identify them. This can be done by assessing your past experiences and from your education. Even your family members and friends can tell you your weak points and strong points.

 Strong points gained through knowledge
Knowledge plays an important part in the development of an individual mentally and even physically. Knowledge brings confidence in you and along with knowledge experience also plays a vital role in building up your confidence level. An intelligent person along with experience which can be technical or non technical has far more chances of getting a job as compared to a less experienced person.

 Talents developed in place of work
Talents or skills are hidden in every person but not every person is aware of them. It is the work place where you come to know about certain traits which you were unaware of. These traits can be good at planning, in reasoning, in analyzing and in communicating with you co-workers. Different work set-ups teach us different expertise. You may have received great compliments for a definite task or your contemporaries might have found you great to work with. These are the skills to be mentioned while preparing your resume.

 Recognize your individual traits
Hard work, social, punctual, perfectionist, all these traits or any one trait every individual possess that makes him or her different from others, all you need is to find that unique quality or combination of these traits and state them in your resume.

There is no doubt that the best person will get the job but we can not even deny that no matter how good you are it is of no use if you cant present your self properly and confidently in an interview. Always remember,” First impression is the last impression”.

 Points to be kept in mind while preparing for an interview

  • Dress up neatly and wear formal clothes.
  • Always go through you C.V. thoroughly.
  • You should have full knowledge of the company or organisation you are going to work with.
  • Never criticize your previous boss.
  • Prepare the questions you think will be asked.
  •  Know the names of the people you are going to meet.
  •  Keep in mind how you will reach the place for interview.