How to buy the best Air Purifiers

By Gordon articles Published 09/26/2008 | Home Improvement

For good health, you need to install quality air purifier at homes. Most of the people spend 90% of their time in their home which contains dirty air. The tight seal inside home pollutes the air and the outside air is filled with impurities due to the polluted atmosphere. The impurities in air can be removed with the help of air purifiers containing proper filters. As with any other appliance, there are many air purifiers in the market. You should educate yourself about the air purifiers if you want the best air purifier at your home.  


The air purifiers come with various filters to remove different pollutants from home. Allergens like dust mites, pollen, fungi, plant spores, tobacco smoke must be removed from air inside home. Household odors include kitty litter, cooking odor, smoke should also be removed if you want to breathe healthy air. The allergens and airborne particles can be removed effectively with an air purifier containing HEPA filter. The odors and gases can be absorbed by carbon filters. High quality air purifier contains HEPA filters to remove 99.97% of impure particles in air. This includes germs and other micro organisms as well.  

Filter replacement is another factor you have to consider when you buy air purifiers. Certain air purifiers come with filters that can be cleaned often. Other models need the filters to be replaced often. It is important to consider this cost when you but air purifiers.  

Coverage area 

To buy the best performance air purifier, you should identify the coverage area of the air purifier. You may want pollution free air for a single room or you may need pure air inside the whole of your house. When you shop for an air purifier, you will be given the square footage the purifier covers. Choose the purifier that has square footage slightly greater than the square footage of the room in which you intend to use the purifier.  

Air changes per hour (ACH)

ACH is an important factor to be looked at when you buy air purifiers. This factor shows the number of times the air inside the room will be exchanged with the air outside in an hour. The purifier with greater ACH exchanges air often, ensuring fresh air in your room. If you have allergic patients at home, you need to buy air purifier with at least 4 ACH. Air purifiers are available with ACH as large as 8.  

Clean air delivery rate (CADR) 

CADR lists the ability of the purifier to remove three important pollutants pollen, dust, and tobacco smoke. This rating specifies the efficiency of the air purifier. The higher the rating, the better will be the quality.  

Noise level 

You want the air purifier to work everyday and you don't want them to be noisy. If you buy air purifier from traditional shops, ask for a demonstration. Online shopping helps you compare different models with different features. In that case , you should read user reviews to know how the air purifier performs in reality.