How to Find the Best Faucet Water Filter

By Gordon articles Published 09/26/2008 | Home Improvement

The municipal water that reaches your home contains many substances for effective removal of microorganisms. Many of these chemicals used for to purify water pose many health hazards. Now, many people are using faucet filters to remove impurities in the line and the chemical substances. The faucet filters can be compared to carbon filters that remove impurities from tap water. These filters are replaceable and it is a good choice if you want cost-effective water purification system. By installing the simple filter, you can stay away from the harmful chemicals and drink safe water. 

Faucet filter models

The faucet filter comes in three different models to purify the tap water. The common model is the one that can be fitted directly to the water faucet. This filter supplies you purified water whenever you open the tap. The impurities removed by the filter depend on the capacity of the filter. The other model is fitted to your waterline under the sink. Countertop models are used in certain homes where the filter is placed separately on the countertop. The filter can be removed from the faucet to use the tap water for the dishwasher. 

Look for the contaminants removed by the filter  

Faucet water filters are available in various sizes and costs. You have to know the contaminants removed by the filter before buying them. Different filters introduced by various brands remove different types of impurities. You have to buy the filter depending on the impurities present in your water. You can approach your local municipality to know what the tap water contains. Most of the filters remove chlorine and rust. If you are a health conscious person, should buy the filter that removes TTHM also. This is a known carcinogen which can increase the chance of cancer.  

Lead is another toxic element that can be present in your tap water. This creates various nervous disorders and you should drink only lead free water. Cysts are other types of impurities found in your tap water. Reverse osmosis is needed to remove cysts from the water. The faucet filters exploit carbon block with tiny channels that can filter out anything larger than 0.5 micron. As the cysts will not be less than 1 micron, you are assured of safe drinking water with such a faucet filter. 

Cost of the filter

 Faucet filters are available in various price ranges. Many top brands in the market have bad reviews, and they are overpriced. Any filter that removes most of the impurities is expensive. You have to keep in mind the filter has to be replaced often as specified by the manufacturer. Over time, the filter collects impurities and loses its filtering capacity and so, they have to be replaced. Faucet filters are available from $35 and you can find filters for $700 as well. It is not that the expensive filters are effective. It is possible to find low priced filters with excellent performance if you know what impurities are present in your water.