Remembering anniversaries, and making them matter

By Mansi articles Published 09/26/2008 | Relationships

So itís been another year, and another anniversary of that special moment, whatever it may be.

A birthday? Your wedding day? The remembrance of your first date? Maybe the death of a friend or family member?

There are many moments in our lives which have a depth and significance to them that surpass all others. Moments that are based on our friends and our relationships, and are unique and memorable because it involves those people and places that mean the most to us. If the event was momentous enough to be to be shared at the time, then it should be important to remember it now, to remind you of that time together and to reaffirm the bond that made it such a significant time.

Special moments are not, of course, always moments of joy and happiness. Admittedly, many are ecstatic and exciting times that imprint themselves on your memory. A new baby, a young childís first steps, your graduation, the marriage of a friend, the first moment you met someone special. However, some also reflect the sadness inherent in life; the death of a family member, or the day a house burned down. And yet, even these moments of grief provide a place to pause and reflect on the things that made the event significant. To remember the person that died, the relationship you once shared with them and the things you did together or to remember the destroyed house and the happy memories it still kindles within you from the times you lived there.

It is all of those times, places and people which have made you what you now are and the person you have become, so take the time to relish them, savour them, and share them jubilantly with the people that are significant to you now.

Anniversaries are a wonderful time, and provide a valuable opportunity to bring us back together and remind us what the relationship means to us. They are too important to be ignored or forgotten, and so a certain amount of effort is required to ensure that they do not just slip past, consigned to oblivion by memory. The date needs to be recorded somewhere so that it isnít going to be lost or forgotten; in a birthday book, an electronic calendar or a dairy, and some thought given to ways that can make it special once again and to share that reminder with the people that are important. Should it be a party of friends?  A present for that special person? A quiet dinner and time together to talk and remind each other how special they are to you? Or maybe a quiet time alone to remember and reaffirm a person that has goneÖ

Whatever your anniversaries may be, remember them, celebrate them, and share them with the people in your life so that those special times remain with you and with those you love.