Understanding love and strengthening it further

By Mansi Ezilon.com articles Published 09/26/2008 | Relationships

Love is the world’s sweetest emotion. This is the most precious feeling that one has in his life. This is the thing that keeps one going when one is passing through the dangerous and dreadful phase of life. There are many different types of love parental love, siblings love, friends love etc. When one comes in this world, he immediately gets the love of his parents, grand parents etc. At times, his needs are satisfied by their love. In the age of three and onwards, he needs his brother’s and sister’s love. When he grows further, he needs the love of another companion, which we call friendship sometimes and at other affairs. In teenage, he is attracted by the opposite sex. If girl is in her teenage, she is attracted by the opposite sex that is male, and boys in their teens are attracted by females.

You often heard that teenager have fallen in love with there teachers, any grown up male or female in the neighborhood etc. Love is in the nature of every human being it can not be overcome by any other feeling prevailing in this world. So one starts the search of his love from the day he is born. He sometimes satisfied by his love and sometimes not. However, always keeps the hope to find his ideal love in his life. Sometimes he is played by other, sometimes he plays with other, because the issue of flirting is in full swing nowadays.

Surely, love is the world's sweetest thing, but true love is hard to find. Therefore, in the search of true love, young people often break the hearts of others involved with them. So make sure that you are giving you precious emotions to the one who is quite capable to be loved by you. This will not help you in making a selection of your appropriate love, but also save them from the sin of breaking and playing with the hearts of other human being.

Once you choose your lover or friend, take great care of him. Don’t let him down in any respect. If you and your companion have some sort of problem among both of you, try to sort it out wisely, resolve it justifiably, because true love just happens once. Give value to each other's love. Give value to each other’s dreams. This will make your love stronger. If one keeps avoiding the problems of love, and keeps on blaming the problems to his or her companion, he will ultimately lose this precious asset. Moreover, there will be no compensation in this regard. Therefore, suggestion here is that do not mishandle the problems of your true love.

There are many cases in the world in which true lovers broke up, ultimately ruining their lives. Because coming out of such a set back is not possible, forgetting the one to whom you have consider the part of your life is difficult to do. However, there are several other cases in which after the break up, they are happier than before. This is in the case when love gets suffocated with continuous blaming, when the two people involved in a relationship spy one another and distrust takes the place of trust. So make sure that not to blame each other if something happens wrong in your life.

It is not difficult to get the love, however it is difficult to cope with the bad situations and incidents coming the way of your love. So beware of such things and enjoy this sweetest emotion throughout your life.