Finding Non-Electronic Forms of Art and Entertainment

By Raymond articles Published 09/27/2008 | Arts and Culture

Chances are, you either watch TV or use some other electronic device to create and view artistic items.  That said, before these devices existed, people all over the worlds managed to have lively and enjoyable entertainment.  While you may not be interested in acting on a stage, there are many other things you can do to entertain yourself and others.

If you usually use image editing software, you may want to take up water color painting or even drawing with water color pencils.  Even if you cannot afford to open a gallery, you can still enjoy these works of art in your own home.  You are also likely to find that your local town will house at least one art gallery or art council dedicated to novices.  Without a question, as donations begin to dry up from corporate sources, you membership and donations will be appreciated.  At the same time, you will also be able to savor the experience of holding your own art exhibit.

Irregardless of whether you decide to play the violin, guitar, drums, or a harmonica, there is always some cheap way to make music.   While it may take some time to learn how to play one of these instruments, you will find many famous people that make their own music as a hobby.  In particular, Albert Einstein was known to play the fiddle while he let his mind wander over the oddities of the universe.

Today, many people choose to play games on their cell phones or other portable devices rather than interact with strangers.  As an example, if you go to the laundromat, or stand on line in a store, people don't really talk to each other anymore.  That said, you are much more likely to enjoy these occasions if you get to know some other members of your community.  At the very least, you will be interacting with another human being as opposed to a program written by some stranger located in some other part of the world.

As the economy continues to erode, arts and entertainment can play a key role in reducing the harmful impact of financial collapse.  That said, success of these efforts may depend on giving up electronic means of entertainment.  Without a question, exchanging TV's and cell phone games for art exhibits, and other types of gatherings is likely to help you feel better, as well as more connected to your local community.  At the very least, when you stop watching TV, you will reduce your exposure to all kinds of emotionally harmful content.  You may even find that not having to pay a cable bill will leave you money for other things that you will enjoy more.