Hartley G. Lesser

Lev-co is the leading supplier of air pollution control products in Canada. They possess the expertise to design and install the systems necessary to meet all air quality needs. Their local <a href="http://www.lev-co.com">dust extraction</a> and exhaust ventilation systems are a perfect solution for those employees who are exposed to contaminants.

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Fumes can getcha! As you know, there are a number of toxic and unpleasant fumes produced within todays manufacturing plants. Left untreated, these fumes create health hazards for your employees as well as possibly leaving you subject to heavy fines by regulatory agencies for violating any number of local, state and federal statutes. You certainly dont need sick or injured employees or any other action to delay your production. The answer to this noxious and dangerous dilemma is rather simple &#61630; an air purification system.

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