Tom Stetter

Tom Stetter is on the marketing team of Transducer Technology, Inc., a Silicon Valley company dedicated to the health and welfare of people and their environment. They accomplish this by offering cutting edge gas detection equipment in a broad-based sensor platform using only the most cutting edge MEMS- and nano-technology.

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The Long Haul

By Tom Stetter | Published 03/29/2007 | Auto and Trucks |

Truck drivers of all kinds confront many dangers on the roads today. From bad weather to bad drivers, some days it seems like the world is conspiring against you to keep you from delivering your load on time. While road crews shutting down 2 out of 3 lanes on a 9 degree down grade, blown tires sending rubber shrapnel everywhere, and just getting plain old tired are very tangible hazards, there is another that is very easy to overlook. It is nearly impossible to detect with your five senses and potentially more dangerous than anything else out there. This threat is carbon monoxide.

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