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Double Your Adult Personal Dating

By john waltzer | Published 07/7/2006 | Dating |

One of my favorite books is Gerry Spence's book "How To Argue And Win Every Time" (I've listened to the audio tape version many, many times as well, and recommend it highly). In that book, he talks about the concept of personal power, and how most people give away their power to others.

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Top Ten Female Turn Ons

By john waltzer | Published 07/15/2006 | Dating |

When it comes to sexual turn ons, men and women are very different. It is not a myth that women are attracted to a man who is comfortable with his emotions.

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Online adult dating sites are quickly becoming a large meeting spot for couples and singles from all over the globe and from all walks of life. Due to fast paced society coupled with growing number of Internet users, online adult dating offers an inexpensive logical and convenient way for people desiring to interact, chat or meet.

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