John Hart

I've been working out for nine years and I want to pass along my experiences and research

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Exercise Efficiently

By John Hart | Published 07/12/2007 | Fitness |

Many people do not workout because they are unwilling to make the perceived time commitment associated with starting a workout program. To get folks over that hurdle, below are two relatively simple strategies to build the most muscle, lose the most fat, and become fitter in the least amount of time

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Supplement Review

By John Hart | Published 07/31/2007 | Fitness |

<a href="">discount pharmaceuticals</a>So, you've figured out your diet. You're eating frequent small meals that are high in protein, whole grains and vegetables. Now, you'd like to add a few supplements to your diet. (Make sure your diet is rock solid before adding supplementsbecause a supplement is just that an add on, not a base). However, with so many supplements out there and a limited budget, how do you know what to purchase and what should be disregarded as marketing hype?

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