Roberta Jordan

Roberta Jordan has a Master's degree in rehabilitation administration from the University of San Francisco. Roberta and Carl Mott own Shoji Spa, an upscale Japanese style outdoor hot tub day spa in Asheville, which offers contrast therapies including sauna, cold plunge, private hot tubs, and massage therapy. Shojis 25 World Class Therapists specialize in couples massages. The spa menu includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Shiatsu, Warm Stone and herbal body wraps. Call (828)299-0999 for more information.

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Hydrotherapy (or balenotherapy) is the use of water in various states and temperatures to maintain health and promote healing. Steam, ice, hot, tepid, and cold water are all used in a number of ways alone or as part of a therapeutic regimen. Contrast therapies, such as immersing in hot and then cold water, are used to dramatically stimulate circulation. Water-based therapies in spas are currently used throughout conventional, complementary, and alternative medicine

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It is hard to understand just how so many other industries got ahold of the concept of Sanus per Aquam, spa, and managed to get it to stick to their type of business. The acronym spa Latin; Sanus Per Aquam, means health through water; so who and what meets the definition? The steam of a sweat lodge meets the definition of spa, but nothing my hairdresser does, or any piece of medi-equipment will ever convince me I am having a spa experience! In attempts to move the Spa industry forward through the ever dynamic forces of growth, change and progress; sometimes its worth a look back at how (and why) we define ourselves.

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