Jack Phillips

Jack Phillips has been an avid angler, author fishing right across Canada for 50 plus years, his new site <a href="http://www.fishingcanadaonline.inf">FishingCanadaOnline.info</a> gives you information and tips on all species caught in Canadian waters.

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Summer walleye, this is the time for the most popular game fish in Canada. Tens of thousands of anglers consider this their favourite fish to catch for the sport and mostly for the fact that it is one of the greatest fish to eat. Fishing for finicky, suspended walleyes can be a problem, but if you use this tip you will increase your success level.

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When starting out the very first thing you want is just basic information on where and when to fish. Sounds easy and generally just ask other anglers, lodge owners, bait store owners, heck just ask.

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