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Luda Sonkin is a talented professional designer. She graduated from Academy of Art & Design (Tel-Aviv) in 2002. In 1996 graduated from Fashion Design High School. Since 1997 till today Luda practises as the artist in different areas of arts & crafts.

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The magic character of embroidery.

By luda sonkin | Published 05/14/2006 | Hobbies |

Home cannot do without embroidery. It rewards, forgives, and cures they used to say in ancient times. Lets look at the ancient towels and garments: where the pattern is located, what colour the mistress used, what she depicted.

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Today we shall talk about the composition in embroidery. You will get to know about ornaments and its use to decorate household stuff in times of old. Ornamental patterns decorate many things. If a thing is beautiful, it is pleasant to use it. You have many confections at home: fine china, in-wrought drapery, embroidered cushions, ovenware Try to decorate them yourself.

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