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Why do you refused to include my submitted website?

Posted on: 05/22/21

Usually, our editors are asked why we refused to include some submitted websites.

All submitted websites must pass our editorial review, emphasis is placed mainly on quality sites with good content, sometimes
designs may follow. Any website that will keep our site visitors happy is what we are looking forward to including. Sometimes the
loading time per page of your website can be used to determine your website's chance to be included.

Pay attention to the category you are submitting to, it makes no sense if you submit a plumbing site into a clothing category.
Moreover, our editors can move your website to an appropriate category.

Your website is denied listing primarily if you did not meet up with the above general submission rules or did not read our submission guideline carefully as stated below or in the submission form.

Users are strongly advised to read our basic submission guidelines which are as follows;

Submission Guidelines :

Please do not submit sites "under construction.", do not submit URLs that contain the same or similar content as other
sites you may have listed or submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.

  • The site cannot contain hate content, violence, copyright-infringing material, sex, or illegal content.                                            
  • The site must be in the English language or have a version that is in English.
  • We will review your website, if found suitable, your website will be listed in our search engine and web directory.
  • Ezilon Web Directory accepts website submission ONLY from a quality website with good content.
  • All listings will be reviewed by our editors prior to inclusion, take your time to list your website to the right category and use the correct title, description, and keywords for your websites.
  • Webmasters can submit as many websites as possible using a single email confirmation for all submitted websites.
  •     (Try using an email, you are sure we can reach you easily)

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