The Rise In Popularity Of Designer Sunglasses Are They Worth The Money?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 09/23/2009 | Shopping
Over the past five years or so, designer sunglasses have become all the rage. Dozens of fashion houses and designers have launched their own range of sunglasses, from Diesel, Oakley, Prada, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. And, as a result, nearly everyone with an interest in fashion, style, owns at least one pair of designer sunglasses.

But this begs the question, are designer sunglasses really worth the extra money? What is wrong with buying a 5 pair of sunglasses at your local store, why the need to pay 50, or even a 100 on a pair of sunglasses if they protect you from the sun,  surely a 5 pair of sunglasses does exactly the same job as a 100 pair of designer glasses?

Well, in all fairness, this completely misses the point, and I would argue that designer sunglasses are worth the money to the people who choose to by them. Firstly, if we spend a significant amount of our hard earned money on designer jeans, shirts, even underwear, why whouldnt we spend just a small portion of that money on a fashionable pair of sunglasses? We can look at the rationale and psychology behind the reasoning people use to justify buying designer clothes wanting to look good, giving themselves confidence, an ego boost, the perceived higher quality of product that a designer brand brings and all these . So just to argue that designer glasses are a rip off, arent worth the extra money, just does not hold merit.

Designer sunglasses can complete a fashionable look, and give someone an air of confidence, as well as protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Just as we go out and buy designer clothes, nowadays, no look is complete without a pair of designer sunglasses.

One of the most important things to watch out for when buying a pair of designer sunglasses, or indeed any pair of sunglasses for that matter, is to ensure that the glasses offer 100% UV protection.  Luckily today, most sunglass manufacturers have adopted the industry standard when it comes to offering glasses with UV protection, and so the vast majority of designer sunglass  hses on the market today will have this.

Another aspect you need to consider is the quality of the sunglasses. Generally speaking, designer glasses are of a higher quality. If a well known brand or designer, such as Prada or Gucci is putting their name to a pair of sunglasses, the glasses, their look, and their quality become synonomous with the brand. Thus if they fall apart in a few weeks, then what does this say about the the brand, and the quality of their other products?

Thus, the bottom line is that it is in the interests of the designer sunglasses manufacturer to produce the highest quality sunglasses, in order to maintain, protect and enhance their brand. This has certainly been my experience. I have purchased more than a dozen pairs of designer sunglasses, and I still own, and use regularly, all but one of those pairs my dog got hold of one pair a couple of years back, and chewed them to shreds hardly something I can blame the sunglass manufacturer for!

Shopping online for designer sunglasses is often the best way to pick up a bargain. Online retailers do not have the overheads that a high street shop has, and as a result, the savings are passed on to the consumer. A quick search of the internet reveals a variety of websites, offering designer sunglasses, designer watches, and a host of other accessories to protect you from the sun, and looking cool throughout the summer.

One thing you need to be careful of when buying designer sunglasses online is to make sure that they are originals, and not a counterfeit copy. Not only will you not get a guarantee with a counterfeit sunglasses, but the quality will be sub-standard. Always do your research before buying online email the website asking for confirmation that they are a genuine business if you have any doubts whatsoever. All reputable online retailers have telephone helpdesks to answer any queries you may have, and if you are weary about giving out your credit card details online, then you can even order over the telephone with some websites.


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