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By listing or advertising in Ezilon Europe you can reach a highly targeted audience with the interests, user demographics, and spending potential you need to target. Listing or advertising campaign with ezilon can also provide you with the opportunity to reach a more general audience in this region. Not only that you are advertising for audience in European region, you are also reaching the audience of searchers from other parts of the world who visit ezilon to search for information as regards the regions we cover. Listing in ezilon regional internet search engine and web directory network can also increase your website targeted exposure. Our directory listing is carefully screened for accurate quality listings and search results, we have the right to reject any listings that do not meet up to our expectations. All listings is reviewed and submitted by humans and not spiders, to ensure a high quality listings.

Submission Guidelines :

Please do not submit sites "under construction.", do not submit URLs that contain the same or similar content as other
sites you may have listed or submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.

  • The site cannot contain hate content, violence, copyright infringing material, sex, or illegal content.
  • The site must be in the English language, or have a version that is in English.
  • We will review your website, if found suitable, your website will be listed in our search engine and web directory.
  • Ezilon Web Directory accepts website submission ONLY from quality websites with good content..
  • All listings will be reviewed by our editors prior to inclusion. Take your time to list your website to the right category and use the correct title, description and keywords for your website.
  • Webmasters can submit as many websites as possible using a single email confirmation for all submitted websites.

NOTE: All quality websites around the world are eligible, but must be submitted to each specific region category listings.
(See Link Below).

Listing Status:
Free Listing

Our editors will visit every website with quality content and may list them if they find them useful for our site visitors. Do try your best to keep your website in proper condition and at top quality all the time, so that they can evaluate and list it. We don't fully guranteed that all sites on the Internet will be visited for free-evaluation listing, but we will keep trying.

Express Review

You can go ahead and choose our pay-to-review options, if you want a faster and quicker review. The express-review process enables our editors to review sites for top quality and may decline to list sites that do not meet our requirements.

This paid option is not used as an avenue to influence editors to list your website, but it will guarantee that our editors will help find the right category, edit your listing to conform to standards, monitor and notify you when your site is down, and keep reviewing your site throughout its lifetime on our site as standard procedure. - Express listing are usually done withing 24 or 48 hours.

Free Non Commercial Listing

Non-commercial sites which includes all Government websites, NGOs (Non-governmental associations), Associations of any trade, Charities, Research Institutes and Educational Institutes (Schools and Universities or Higher Education Establishment) can submit their website for free inclusion. Our editors will do their best to review and include these sites as soon as possible.

Europe based Website Inclusions

To Add a Guaranteed Listing: Our editors will review your listings and will include your listing in our directory pages and search results (if qualified) within 48 hours.

To Add a Listing:

Use the following link and navigate to the appropriate directory category and submit your website using "Site Submit" link at the top of each category.

Europe Website Submission <=(Add European Based Sites Here)

Other US Sites Submission | Caribbean | Australia & New Zealand | Asia | Africa | South America | Central America | Extra Link in Worldwide Directory (Optional)

Other European Language Listings:

Alta De URL - (Pulse sobre el enlace que aparece a continuación y seleccione una categoría.)
Seite Anmelden - (EZILON nimmt in dem Web site Links auf deutsch)
Ajouter Un Site - (EZILON accepte site Web des liens (links) en française langues.)
Agregar Sitio - (Clicca sul link di sotto e scegli tra le categorie.)
URL Toevoegen - (Klik de onderstaande link aan en maak een keuze uit de categorieën.)
Adicionar - (O Ezilon aceita websites com ligações em idioma portuguese.)
Add URL - (Must be a website that originates from the UK Only) UK sites can also submit to General Europe too

NOTE: All listings will be reviewed by human editors, we will refund payment if listing is declined. Please make sure your website meets up to our basic inclusion requirement as stated above. Before you can proceed and use the above links, please make sure your website is always active before and after inclusion. - Link-back is not required!