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This category contains web sites of companies in Europe engaged in chemical manufacturing, products distribution, sales, industrial chemicals and others.

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  • Omex Group - Manufacturers of suspension liquid and speciality fertilizers, health promoters, wastewater treatments and deicers.
  • Plantechno S.r.l. - Specialized in plant-based biotechnology projects with commercial and consumer interest.
  • Poeton Industries Ltd - Specialised in electroplating, anodising, electroless nickel, thermal spraying and polymer coatings.
  • Quaker - A marketer of industrial process fluids and related products and services.
  • Raw Chemical Distribution - A company providing chemical supplies and distribution service in the UK.
  • Reimbold & Strick Italia s.r.l. - Specialized in the production of colouring oxides for ceramic, coloured sands and grits.
  • Rhein Chemie Group - Provides rubber, lubricants, polyurethanes, plastics and more.
  • Robertet - Specialized in raw materials, fragrances, and flavors.
  • Rousselet-Robatel - A specialist in solid-liquid separation liquid-liquid extraction and liquid-liquid separation centrifuges.
  • Rousselot - A producer of gelatine and hydrolyzed collagen in The Netherlands.
  • SAFC - Manufactures chemicals used to grow thin films of diamond and silicon carbide, high temperature superconductors and more.
  • SAIT - Manufaxcturers of abrasives in the United Kingdom.
  • Sanofi-Aventis - A diversified healthcare company, focused on patientsí needs.
  • Scapa - A manufacturer of a variety of standard and custom-engineered adhesive films and tapes which are used to assemble, and more.
  • Schlenk AG - Specialized in the manufacturing of metal powders, pigments and pastes.
  • Scott Specialty Gases - An international producer and supplier of specialty gas products and equipment.
  • Shell - A company that manufactures bulk petrochemicals products like olefins, ethylene, propylene, aromatics and industrial solvents.
  • Spolchemie - Involved in the production of basic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, chlorine, hydroxides, acids, hydrochloric acid, and more.
  • Stengel Apparatebau GmbH - Specialized in sheet metal manufacturing, powder coating, finishing components, sheet metal design, and more.
  • Stepan - Specialized in intermediate chemicals used in consumer products and industrial application.
  • Studio Rinnovabili - Specialized in wind energy, solar pv, and mini-hydro, offering technical services, financial services and on-site assitance.
  • Summit Reheis - A manufacturer of industrial components and performance products.
  • Sun Chemical - A provider of materials to packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics and other industrial markets.
  • Syntha Pulvin - Offers a range of colours from stock in matt, satin and gloss finishes.
  • Synthit - Produces bulk organic acid blends and manufacture of a wide range of chemical intermediates.
  • Tabor Srl - Specialized in the production of taborglit glitter.
  • Tata Steel Europe Limited - Manufactures, processes and distributes steel products and services to customers worldwide.
  • Texchem - manufacturers and suppliers of textile chemicals fabric preparation, dyeing and finishing including repellents,
  • The Daily Engineer - Specialised in high specification lubricants for extreme and critical applications.
  • The Dow Chemical Company - A source for hydrocarbon-based specialties and solvents, esters, natural alcohols and derivatives.
  • Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. - Offers colours, rubber, ink resins, biocides, personal care and more.
  • Thor - A manufacturer and distributor of biocides, flame retardants, personal care ingredients and other speciality chemicals.
  • Unger Fabrikker A.S - Producers of anionic surfactants, and the only one of it's kind in Scandinavia.
  • Unispec - Offers lubricants, surface protection for decks, engine rooms tanks, bilge, and more.
  • United Phosphorus Limited - A global generic crop protection, chemicals and seeds company.
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