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Features information about European electrical transformer companies which also includes the manufacturing companies, suppliers and distributors of gensets in Europe.

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  • Admagnetics Ltd - Designs and manufactures electrical transformer and standby power systems,central power supply systems.
  • AGW Electronics Ltd - Offers transformers, inductors, chokes and electronic assemblies.
  • AM Transformers - UK transformer manufacturers and distributors of transformer products like ac/dc adapters, ac/ac adaptors and dc/dc converters.
  • Anglia Transformers - A transformers manufacturer, power conversion, electrical control gear, in the UK, commercial electronic equipment, and others.
  • BEZ Transformatory A.S. - Offers amorphous transformers, dry and cast resin transformers & oil filled transformers.
  • Birmingham Transformers Ltd. - is a UK manufacturer of transformers, coils, rectifier units transformers and associated equipment from 50VA to 50MVA.
  • Block Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG - Offers transformers, EMC/radio interference, test apparatus, stabilizers, power supplies & more.
  • BrolloSiet Srl - Offers low voltage transformers, medium voltage transformers, motors, neon transformers and more.
  • BV Elektronik S.r.o. - Focuses on the development, design and production of the transformers and other wound parts for electrotechnical industry.
  • Celme Srl - Specialized in the design and production of oil immersed three phase transformers.
  • Coil Winding & Mains Transformers - Specialising in the design and manufacture of transformers and wound components.
  • Euroelettro s.r.l. - Builders of high-voltage transformers.
  • FT Transformers - Manufacturers of power transformers, line reactors, chokes and power supplies.
  • Gebr. Waasner Elektrotechnische Fabrik GmbH - Specialized in the development and production of core laminations for transformers and electric motors.
  • Hitachi ABB Power - Manufactures all types of accessories and complete bushings for power and distribution transformers.
  • Instrument Transformers Limited - Specialized in transformers suitable for low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV) or high voltage (HV) applications.
  • Isomatic UK - Resistance welding transformers. ISO10656 integrated welding transformers at 50/60 Hz and medium frequency (1000 Hz, DC output).
  • Louth Transformers Ltd - To manufacture to customer specifications in the power range 1VA to 100KVA, in any quantity.
  • Nuova Eletrofer S.p.A. - Specialized in the field of the cutting of magnetic lamination for motors and dry transformers.
  • Ocrev Srl - Specialized in the production of power and distribution transformers.
  • Pioch - Electrical transformer equipment manufacturer.
  • Teca Toroidals Transformers - Manufacturers of transformers for the electromedical, automation and audio sectors.
  • Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd - Specialised in the design, and manufacturing of transformers, and rectifier equipments.
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