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Nanografi A.S.

  • Short Description: A Nanotechnology company offering high-technology nano and micro-sized materials worldwide.
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  • Date Added: 4/28/2020
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  ODTU Teknokent Ikizler Binasi B-1/H, Ankara, Cankaya, 06531
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Nanografi Nanotechnology AS was established in 2011 as a Nanotechnology company in order to produce critical nanomaterials such as Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) and Graphene and many other high-quality macro and nano-sized materials.

After the successful production of various types of CNTs, we began to study on the applications of different nanomaterials including nanotubes, metal oxides, carbides, clay nanoparticles and many others in projects funded by local funding agencies and European Union.

In 2015, there’s been a rise on the demands of the local market and we began to develop new applications of nanomaterials according to customer demands ranging from new generation lightweight construction materials to high performance composites for aeroplanes. Simultaneously, wonder material ‘Graphene’ and Graphene related products were released to the market.

So far, we have made a lot of efforts to increase our product diversity and reliability through extensive R&D works, new collaborators from respected universities and new supplier contracts with worldwide-known corporations.

Finally, our wide-range of products and services have become available to the customers worldwide. We have capability of representing above 3500 products on our website currently. Also, our products are being used more than +60 countries worldwide.