10 Reasons You May Have A Snoring Problem

10 Reasons You May Have A Snoring Problem
10 Reasons You May Have A Snoring Problem

Do you or someone you care for have snore trouble?

Snoring is a comparatively frequent occurrence with nearly 40% of adults in America. Many people have snoring problems every single night.

There is not a simple reason for snoring. Each person is different and there are many reasons you may experience the nuisance of snoring.

We will briefly cover 10 possible causes of snoring in this article.

Weight Gain:

Snoring can be caused by the fact that you have gained weight. Extra pounds cause excess fatty tissue to form and that fatty tissue in the neck can cause your throat opening to become smaller and increase your chances of snoring.


One cause of snoring can be traced to your heredity. Regrettably our ancestors can pass on the characteristic of a smaller throat which can cause you problems with trying to breath properly and lead to snoring.

Your Gender:

Males tend to snore more because they have more narrow airways in their body than females. This gives men more likelihood of snoring than women.


As you get older your throat becomes more narrow. Also as you age, you begin to lose muscle tone in your throat.

So, the combination of weak throat muscles and narrower air passages can lead to snoring.

Drinking Alcohol:

If you drink alcohol it relaxes your body which includes your throat and tongue muscles. The more these particular muscles relax, the great chance of snoring.

Medical Drugs:

Some sleeping pills and antihistamines cause the same effects on muscle relaxation as does alcohol and this can lead to snoring.

Deformities of your Nasal Passages:

If you have a deviated septum this can cause snoring.

Sleeping on Your Back:

Sleeping on your back sometimes produces more snoring than sleeping on your side. Simply try sleeping in a different position to reduce snoring symptoms.

Sleeping with Soft Pillows:

If you sleep with a soft pillow, you can raise the slant of your neck, and that can obstruct your airways and cause snoring.


Quite often a symptom of allergies, is stuffy nose and clogged nasal passages. Lack of air flow makes breathing difficult and the labored breathing may cause snoring.

These causes of snoring are in no way a complete list. When trying to figure out your problem with snoring, reviewing this list will give you a starting point for which direction to go to get help with your snore problems.

Your next step is to see your family doctor and get their opinion on what might be causing your snoring.