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We welcome writers, bloggers or those who love to distribute their creative contents to the World Wide Web to contribute or submit their writing(s) to our site on a daily or regular basis.

Please kindly read our contents contributors guideline below as to make sure you fully understand our submission policies and quality concepts.

At we believe in providing quality contents to our site users, be it in our directory or in our blog posts. For this reason, we are interested in authors who can publish high quality creative, unique and original contents our site readers can appreciate reading.

These authors can publish their work on a regular basis by using a permission login access approved for their usage.

All authors’ should provide us their own biography; picture and or link to their website will be referenced in author bio area.

Avoid Promotional Contents: We refrain from publishing articles or blogs from writers that promotes their services or products as the case maybe.

Referenced links from another website may be considered, mainly when used for illustration purpose only. Our site editors have the right to remove links they feel is not suitable for that particular write-ups.

Originality must be strictly be adhered to since we do not accept publishing contents already existing in other site(s), before or after posting your articles or blogs in our site.

In a nutshell, our article site is only suitable for those that wants to promote their name as writers or wants to leave a legacy as great writers for the next generation of users. For example most of our site contents have been there since last 18 years and still up.

Formatting: You should be able to format your writing into paragraphs and bolding or italics where required. Although, our editors can help out in formatting before it is activated for public views.

Images: We usually provide our own images from collections of free photo stocks and non-copyrighted images. Writers can include free photo stocks and non-copyrighted images in their write up(s). You should also include an image caption some descriptions about their image. Our editors may change your suggested image(s), mainly when not suitable for that particular contribution.

Submission: Before we can provide access for you to publish your contents in our site on regular basis, you must send us a short pitch describing your writing, also include your expertise information, a short bio and also reference of at least 2 sites you have submitted your writings in the past. Submit this information using our Contact Form here –  – Select Subject – “Collaboration”.

We will contact you within 3 business days and sometimes the same day.