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12 Tips on How to Look Fashionable

Nobody is born to look fashionable. Fashion is something that we learn, and you can learn to be stylish too. Given below are some tips that will help you in presenting yourself the right way and looking trendy.

  1. Clothes with the right fit kill the show

The first thing you should consider when you keep in mind to look fashionable is to concentrate on the clothes that you wear. You must buy clothes that have the right fit.

No one will argue that getting clothes of the right fit would bring out the best in you as these clothes will highlight your positive features and conceal the areas that are not very flattering.

  • Opt for better quality and styles, instead of cheap options

It is expected that some people may think that they can easily buy plenty of cheap clothes instead of buying expensive clothes, style gurus will always recommend you to buy the clothes that are of better quality and of better styles instead of opting for cheaper clothes.

Clothes are really to enhance your looks and make you look trendy. You can achieve this only when you wear better clothes.

  • Maintain clean and glowing nails

You may not be aware but peeling nail polish, chipped nails and dirty looking feet will most definitely turn people off. So, if you see that your nail polishing is peeling off, you should remove the nail polish immediately.

You should cultivate the habit of maintaining clean feet and healthy-looking nails. Try to understand that fashion development implies having neat and glowing outlook. So, keep your nails tidy and shimmering at all times.

Kleinsmith quoted that “The fashion trend is to have neat, more natural-looking, shorter nails and not the long talons of the past,”

  • Moderate make-up gives the best look

Most women make use of cosmetics. When you are applying make-up, try to remember that less is always more. You can enhance your looks with minimal make-up.

Overdoing of make-up would make you look unattractive. Learn how you can apply make-up the right way so that you can bring out the best in you.

  • Select high-quality shoes with comfort

Invest in some good quality shoes because they look good on your feet and they also last for a long time, at least two years.

However, make sure that you do not buy those shoes that make you feel uncomfortable. When choosing your shoes, try to keep comfort in mind.

  • Avoid wearing too many flashy accessories

When it comes to accessories, you should never use too many dazzling accessories. If all your accessories are too flashy, then you will end up looking bad instead of good. Alternatively, use one striking accessory and keep other accessories simple.

No doubt! Wearing a few pieces of flashy accessories in the name of fashion will end you looking like a crass orca. To lock up this point, its better you wear none than wearing many pieces.

  • Confidently acknowledge your fashion

I firmly believe that no matter how well-dressed a person is, she will never look her best if she does not have the confidence. You need to tell yourself that you are looking gorgeous so that you will feel beautiful.

Lack of confidence will make you look uneasy or uncomfortable. Be amazed at the wonder of your outfits and accessories. Simply show self-love by acknowledging your fashion, in this way, you will feel fashionable and then, look it.

  • Style can make you unique

Think of a little channel you can create to make you stand out in terms of fashion. Even a pair of sunglass you wear can make you the centre of attraction for the day.

What is a style in fashion terms? Style simply means that unique expression you give yourself in terms of clothing or how you package your appearance.

Try out a pair of a bangle, neck scarf or eyewear on your outfit, instead of designers’ handbag.  You will find out that these accessories have more street cred compared to the most expensive range of designers’ bags.

Yes, anyone can be stylish, but only a few have got the clue to doing that. Think of anything you can add to create a channel for a more fashionable look.

What others consider as wrong outfit can be made to be stylish to give a fashionable appearance. Mastering the art of fashion pairing and doing it well can turn all eyes on you.

  • Unique patterns of clothing designs can be outstanding

Clothing with straightforward designs and small prints with no colors may not be up to your fashion. Therefore, while shopping, choose striped clothes with bold and colorful patterns that can transform your outlook and give it fun.

At times you use personal creativity to do this. Imagine wearing clothing with opposite prints, however, can somehow harmonize well when matched together. Invest in what you’ve got already to appear fashionable, instead of looking out for new trendiest fashion.

  1. Modify the pieces at hand to look stylish

A common mistake people make is restricting their clothing on a particular event. Note you can get a next-level look in fashion when you appear unique. It requires just a tiny tweak to look more fashionable than others.

That you have parties to attend doesn’t necessarily mean you should shop for new clothing to look fashionable. Shop fashion pieces that get more than just an outing.

On the others, get those pieces you’ve got in your closet modified and paired correctly; in this way, you will become likely to create a new fashion altogether.

  1. A hat can give you a well-defined look

You may not have imagined this, but it is most accurate! Being fashionable is directly proportional to being creative. Think of slapping on a good hat to a royal event or any occasion, instead of fascinators – it makes you look damn cute!

Hats, when compared to other fashion accessories, offer a well-defined outlook. This may seem a little bit costumey, but the point is that it will give you a stand-out fashionable look.

  1. Your footwear matters as well

There isn’t a particular pattern or color of footwear that can automatically make appearance awesome. No matter what you choose for your shoes, play with the opposite to get something quite different from usual kinds of stuff.

Play with contrast to look fashionable. You can wear the shoes that people consider and still appear elegant, most things in the world aren’t right, yet they are attractive.

“The more wrong it feels, the more right it becomes” Try wearing booties with clothes that fit with high heels. Also, check out sandals instead of a sneaker, or even sneakers for high heels.


Fashion is the part of whom you are.Looking fashionable does not mean wearing a lot of trendiest fashion accessories on you. The secret behind stylish appearance is to have a neat and more natural look.  

Check your fashion and beauty enhancement application from hair to toe. Elaborate styling or expensive clothing isn’t the clue! Not even your hairdo, makeup, outfit, accessories or nails should be too heavy or too flashy.  Take your time to study the tips above for more insights.

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