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11 Easy Proven Ways You Can Use to Achieve Your Dreams Faster

Proven Ways You Can Use to Achieve Your Dreams Faster

Most people probably have a lot of dreams and struggle from time to time on how to achieve them.

You may feel that your desires are unattainable, but that isn’t true. Anyone can reach at least some of their dreams only if they don’t let negative thinking discourage them.

In this article, you’ll find eleven simple things you can apply to help you achieve your deepest desires. Become that unique person you always dream of by utilizing the tips below.

  1. Write down your dreams

The best thing about writing down your dream in a book, is that it helps to throw your mind back into that memory, and replay it always.

When you don’t write down your dreams you cannot actually recall it. Because there is absolutely nothing to remember.

By writing down your dreams, you are making yourself more aware, presently connected with your actual self.

One good reason why you should do this, is that it helps you to tell your unconsciousness that you listen to it.

Putting your goals in writing strengthens you to develop what exactly you hope to accomplish.

This simple action serves as a way of making your goal stick in your mind; also get hold of your brain to work on the details of making it happen. A study proved that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you put them in a journal.

  1. Believe it

You have dreamt and written it down in a book, this is good but the greatest thing is to believe it. Your dreams might be seemingly beyond your capabilities, it is still right because we ought to dream big.

All you have to do is believe in your dream with faith no matter how big they seem to be.

It is possible for a person with no college education or even tangible business to earn a living to dream where hope was high and life worth living. This is typically a big dream which can come true, if you believe it.

  1. Develop a plan of action

ACTION changes the world not just WORD.  Achieving your dreams requires making a plan of action which is the road map you can follow to reach your goal.

Set out a plan and strategy you will use to achieve your dream, work towards it and you will see yourself achieving it. Don’t procrastinate; it is a hindrance to achieving your own dream.

Almost everybody have a dream, but only a few can plan on how to pursue those dreams and make it a reality.

People will not always believe your dream, but that isn’t enough reason for you to give up. When you tell your dreams and most may disbelieve you. But don’t let them kill your self-confidence. Follow your plan of action and ensure you don’t overlook any vital step(s).

When you start working on your dream, it is expected that you will encounter problems along the way. “Prevent them as much as you can by planning ahead” according to Billie Jean Bateson.

Determine what needs to happen in order to reach your dreams, decide the actions that are required and then put the actions on a plan.

  1. Envision yourself achieving your goals

Have a mental picture of your goals by always seeing yourself as your own boss. Be a big dreamer, but then visualize yourself in that position.

Always picture yourself in that future you always dream of. Have a clear picture of where you see yourself in the next 5 years, which will help you to achieve your dreams.

Emotional intelligence is a great element for achieving success. Train you mind to always look for the positive in everything and feel like you have already manifested your desire.

Cultivate that mindset that will make you visualize and actualize the big dreams you had.

Visualization begins with establishing a goal, followed by the imagination of accomplishing that goal in detail, focusing on it over the long term. A fundamental technique involved is sitting with your eyes closed, then picture yourself achieving a specific dream in more details.

  1. Work towards your dreams daily

For you to achieve your dreams successfully you have to always work towards achieving that dream.

Move out of your comfort zone and make that dream a reality. Daily practice of your dream helps you to be more focused on what you are set to achieve.

Learn the possible ways by which you can start working towards your big dreams and start doing it. We need extra inspiration or motivation every now and then to start working towards our dreams.

You might not have realized that working towards your dream is a hard work, though can be easy and overwhelming if you enjoy working towards it.

Most dreams take huge amount efforts and years to achieve but if you know how to look into it, it will seem easy.

For you to work towards it and achieve it you should discover many wonderful possibilities, and then give yourself time to explore them without forcing an outcome. Again, you have to take joy in unexpected discoveries.

  1. Take risks to achieve it

For you to become successful you must be a risk taker. You won’t sit inside your house and achieve your dreams. But you have to move out and confront your fear. When you take risk you gather the confidence to make things work.

Yes, it is very essential to be a risk taker so as to achieve your dreams. You need to be courageous in order to face the fear of doubt.

By doing so, you grow and become more confident and resilient. This will help you to increase the possibilities of getting your dreams accomplished.

  1. Assess how the plan is working

You are already following the plan of action you developed but you have to evaluate how the plan is working.

Assessing your plans will help to know if the plan is working towards your exact dreams, because you are already specific about what you want to achieve.

As you begin progressing with your goals, take time to track how things are going. Is plan is working at all; if yes then ensure that you are able to meet the milestones you have set for yourself.

Have a look at your goals periodically to see where you are lagging behind and begin to make adjustments accordingly.

  1. Seek out help

For you to achieve your dreams and make your vision work, you need assistance. Seeking out help makes you achieve your dreams in a faster way.

Source for help from your family, friends and colleague especially those that have already achieved it life.

You can never do it alone. You need support from people who are positive minded, they will encourage you at all times to follow your dreams and goals.

If you try a plan of action and it isn’t working out, they can suggest a better way or even advice you not to get discouraged.

  1. Revise your Dreams overtime

Having a revision of your goals always is one of the easiest ways of achieving your goals. Always remind yourself of your dreams daily.

Revising your goals daily has a lot of advantages; it will help keep you focused. Once you are focused, you can be able to achieve your dreams.

When you revise your dreams, you will get clear on your vision and then work towards achieving it.

By this way, it will provide you direction and help you to stay motivated over the long-term.

You are likely to get your dreams clearer and define your responsibilities when you revise them. I mean the responsibilities that are required of you to make the dreams possible to achieve.

  1. Build a mindset of success

You have to be confident in yourself and be able to learn from mistakes because a positive mindset is a success mindset. Success in achieving your dreams is often determined by your kind of mindset.

A positive mindset is paramount to surviving the ups and downs you are sure to encounter along the line.

A slight mistake or rather set back can get you fed up and discouraged. A positive mindset tells you that you should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days.

Upgrade your mindset and energy to meet your dreams; visualize your goals so that you can see yourself achieving it.

Do not sabotage or procrastinate in having what you want, when you dream of a firm career always perceive yourself capable of reaching exactly that dream.

  1. Celebrate your success

Always celebrate your success whether little or big is an easiest way of achieving your dreams. Be happy with yourself always and learn to appreciate yourself by doing so you will have to zeal to do more and by doing so you are on your way to achieving your dreams.

Show yourself love by enjoying all the efforts, energy and accomplishments you have made so far.

You should also include your mentors and other people who contributed in one way or the other along the way. And while celebrating your success, do it in such a way that nurtures your body, mind and spirit.


From childhood, we were taught to dream big. While all your dreams may not come true, many of them can. Actively working to achieve your dreams will help you feel happier and more satisfied with life, use the above tips and be sure to achieve it.

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