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12 Bodyweight Workout Programs for Six-Pack Abdominal Muscles

Bodyweight Workout Programs for Six-Pack Abdominal Muscles

These simple bodyweight six-pack abs programs are dependent upon slimming down by completing workouts that focus on abdominal muscle groups.

There are literally a large number of these kinds of workout routines. They include numerous exercises that are intended for other main muscle groups.

However, that can be changed to incorporate an exercise for your stomach muscles. Here are just a few of the major belly focus exercises.

  1. Abs crunches

Crunches are carried out by lying down on the floor either on the mat or otherwise, along with your biceps and triceps crossed in front of your chest area.

Lots of people do abs crunches using the fingers behind the top, but this may generate spine problems as a result of move around the chest and neck area.

In a diverse way, the fingertips are rested at the back of the ears, as opposed to cross on the upper body.

It is important for assistance in rising off the ground, suck the abdomen back toward the spinal column and inhale through the nose concurrently.

Boost the shoulders toward the knees using only the muscles within the belly. The entire back should not be raised through the ground, as this is prone to generate back stress. No further benefit to the stomach is acquired by increasing the entire torso.

The major part of this workout will be the preliminary flexing from the ab muscles while raising the shoulder from the floor.

Because of the shoulders clear the ground, exhale through your mouth area. Full the exhalation with a gasp to expel the last from the atmosphere from your lung area while shoulders are away from the floor.

Reduce the shoulder area back to the level where the joint blade touches the floor while breathing.

It is important to keep up with the appropriate respiration control and muscle flexing to have the optimum advantage of crunches.

  1. Sit-ups exercise

Once more sit down on to the floor along with your foot level and your knees bent. Your hands should be behind your ears or cross your biceps and triceps on your chest.

Slowly lift your back off the floor while breathing deeply and exhale while you reverse the shift.

This workout can be more challenging but performed in a number of ways. For instance, you can do sit-ups from an incline position with your head lower than your body. After that, you can pull weights around the chest area to elevate while sit-up.

Dumbbells could become weightier with an incline table. The next hard move may be achieved by holding the feet off the ground while doing sit-ups.

Again, it can be done by creating a bike peddling motion while doing sit-ups together with your legs. These workout routines might not be easy but are very useful to the belly area.

  1. Lower-leg Lifts

Leg lifts begin with the thighs directly as well as the fingers in your edges while lying on the ground.

Lift thighs and legs up simultaneously without bending the knees until the thighs are at a 90° angle or near.

Not everyone is flexible enough to reach the ninety-level angle. Reduce the thighs and legs close to the floor without resting them on the ground, then redo again and again.

You can boost this workout the more by adding weight loads to the thighs while raising them up.

Enhancing abdominal muscles in a similar way demands hanging from a draw-up bar while raising your two legs to 90° angle. As with many other workout routines, ensure to breathe slowly while performing the exercises.

  1. Jackknife Sit-ups

This workout commences by lying level on to the floor with the hands-on your sides to provide better equilibrium.

Concurrently increase your knees, take your upper body up slowly till the face and knees meet. Move back slowly to the initial position when in full control of the movement.

The jackknife title originates from naturally bending the legs to knee using the feet falling to form jackknife. The problem associated with this exercise can be improved by keeping an excess weight in between the toes while performing the sit-ups.

  1. V ups

This exercise begins with you face up on the ground with the arms extended over your chest. Bring both legs and torso up at once without bending the knees or the arms.

Keep the tempo slow and steady and reach for your feet with your extended hands near your toes. If possible, make an effort to touch the feet. This move can be tricky until your level of overall flexibility improves.

Just like other workout routines, incorporating excess weight involving the feet boosts the difficulty levels.

  1. Leg Raise

Flat bench lying leg raise is one of the six-pack abdominal muscle routine workout that targets the lower abs. It can be achieved by lying down flat on your back on the floor with your legs straight in front of you.

Then placing your hands at your sides on the floor for support, flex your lower abdominals and raise your legs until they are at a 90-degree angle to the floor.

Try to hold back tightness and bring down your legs to the starting point while controlling the movement. Do not be tempted to put down your legs on the negative position during this workout.

  1. Flat Bench Knee-In

Flat bench knee-in or leg pull-in bodybuilding exercise primarily targets the lower abs to make it stronger.

It starts by sitting down on the floor or on the edge of an exercise bench. Lengthen your legs in the front and hold your hands to the sides to provide support.

Your knees should be kept together and pulled in toward your chest until you can’t go any farther. Try to retain the tension on your lower abdominals. Return to the initial point and repeat the movement until you have completed a set.

8 Renegade Rows

Also known as the plank is an overwhelming difficult exercise but most effective program for abdominal muscles.

The entire upper body gets strike repeatedly with the fists, the biceps, forearms and grip. The arm rows tax the upper back.

Renegade rows workout is performed by holding a dumbbell in each hand and getting into push-pull while balancing on the handles.

Make the left arm to feel light by shifting your body weight to the right side. Keep the left-hand dumbbell straight in line with your waist. Do the same on your right side to obtain a balanced weight for both sides.

  1. Windshield wipers

Although windshield wiper can be more challenging, it is an effective workout to build amazing six-pack abdominals. It involves hanging from a pull-up bar, with your legs raised up while rotating them from side to side.

It requires a great amount of stability and core strength to get started on the floor. You need to lie on to the floor on your back with your legs raised perpendicular.

Your arms ought to be spread out to your sides for support.  Try rotating your legs to one side to stop touching the floor. Rotate to the other side as you bring your arms nearer to your body for stability.

You can also practice the hanging windshield wipers by hanging from a pull-bar overhead and raising your legs until they are 90 degrees to the floor with your torso parallel to the floor to make an “L shape” with your body.

Pull your body closer to the bar, bend your elbows and contract you’re upper back then rotate your legs from side to side.  The move can be easier when you bend your knees.

  1. TRX System

TRX system, also known as the Total Resistance exercises is another effective workout routine for a six-pack that provides the best moves to work your abs. It is performed as back-to-back Tabatas.

To achieve this workout, you have to fix the TXT straps to a secure spot like frame, monkey bars or a weight machine. Based on how you want to perform the exercise; you will need to use your hands or feet to hold onto the straps.

Generally, one part of your body should be suspended above the floor. You may also lean away from the straps or into it to create resistance and destabilization.

This knock-off balance provides you with an option to adjust. This means to engage your midsection and back while firing up your shoulders and hips to maintain control.

  1. Dead bug

Commence this exercise by lying flat on your back with your arms held in your front up to the ceiling. It is an excellent technique to strengthen your abdominals without straining your lower back.

The starting position brings your legs to enable you to bend your knees 90° to get your back flat against the floor. Maintain this position by not getting your hand in between your back and the floor.

Lower your right arm and your left leg slowly at the same time and exhale as you go. Continue until your leg and arms get above the floor, avoid raising your back off the floor. Return to your beginning point slowly and repeat with the opposite limbs.

You can easily change the dead bug depending on your level of fitness by lowering a different amount of limbs from easiest to hardest.

  1. Scissor Kick

Lie down with your back pressed against an exercise mat of just on the floor to start a scissor kick exercise.

Your palms ought to be faced down with your arms completely extended to the sides. Bend your knees slightly while lifting your legs up to take your heel to 6 inches off the ground.

Proceed by lifting your left leg up to about 45 degrees angle with your right leg lowered until the heel is about 2 to 3 inches from the ground.

Lower your left leg and raise your right leg up to switch movements. Don’t forget to breathe while performing this exercise.


Study the above twelve abdominal exercises carefully and the right abs workout to get six-pack abs; utilize them to get a ripped core and hit both the upper and the lower abdominal muscles.

Success is sure when you hit these workouts for at least three times a week with a healthy diet which goes easy on the calories.

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