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20 Methods of Getting 10 Minutes of Physical Exercises

Specialists advise working out 45 minutes to an hour a day for fast weight loss, health, and fitness. Newbies can as well, work out for half an hour.

Most persons have little or no time for workout because of home chores. Such persons can make out about 30 to 60 minutes each day to devote exclusively to doing workouts.

For you to be able to still do physical exercise, you simply need to sneak into the ingenious methods.

“The idea is to continue to keep moving,” as claimed by health and fitness expert Ann Grandjean, EdD. “get a cord-less telephone or put a lengthy cord on the regular mobile phone, and go walking when you chat.

Locate whatever matches your needs and just shift. Park half a mile from the shopping mall and get to the mall by walking.

Consider the stairs as opposed to the elevator. Those little, itty-bitty points mount up.”

  1. Use a cordless or a lengthy cord on the regular mobile phone

By using a phone without cords or with longer cords, you’ll be able to walk around while you make calls. While the call is on, ensure you move around a great deal even if you’re in the office.

This way, you get active even while working. Make this a habit to always stand and walk around while the call goes on.

The number of times you spend on phone calls will be utilized for your own physical benefit. You do your office work and help keep your body fit with physical exercise.

  1. Instead of sending mails, walk down to speak with the person

It’s true that sending mail saves time in the office. You can get 10 minutes of physical fitness exercise by mere walking down to talk about a subject.

The idea is that you get the right amount of exercise while performing your duties. Also, reply to emails on your mobile phone. Instead of sitting in front of the computer to answer it, carry your phone around while replying to the mails.

  1. Park half a mile from the shopping mall and go walking

By parking your car at a far distance from the mall, you exercise by walking the rest of the journey. Depending on how you walk, walking a mile is a great deal of exercise.

You can apply this method on a daily basis including going to work. You can park your car a mile before your workplace and walk down to the place.

If you take public transport, you can do the same by stopping at a bus stop before your regular bus stop.

This strategy will not only save you time but will also get you physically fit. There’s a popular saying that ‘Every Robbed Minute Matters’.

If you think that brief bursts of action have a negligible impact on your fitness program, think again.

  1. Use the toilet on a different part of the office building

Another trick to getting 10 minutes of physical fitness exercise in the workplace is to use the restroom in another part of the building.

If you’re on the first floor, you can walk down to the fourth floor for instance to ease yourself. The time you spend on walking works your body and reduces the stress experienced as you walk.

  1. Consider the stairs as opposed to the elevator

Using the elevator can be faster but using the stairs works out your body. Since the idea is squeezing out 10 minutes for physical fitness exercise, this works out fine.

The effort you make in raising your legs while climbing the stairs helps a great deal in improving your strength and physique.

Even when running errands in the office, prefer using the stairs because the whole time you spent sitting down can be eased.

Climbing the stairs is a good aerobic exercise that you will come to enjoy if you turn it into a game. You can decide to take the stairs in two’s or three’s depending on choice.

Whichever way you do it, you’ll discover you feel great after climbing the stairs.

  1. Plan for a standing or walking meeting

Instead of sitting down for your meetings, go for a walk while discussing the matter at hand. This is usually good when it involves two persons or a small group.

You can alternatively organize a standing meeting. While standing alternate your legs. Stand with one leg for a while and then change to the other one.

  1. Throw some punches

Throwing punches is another strategic way of getting fit. During your break time or at any time, go to a spot and throw punches in the air.

Yes, you don’t have to hit anything or anybody while doing the punches. Simply stretch your arms in punches.

Throw about 100 punches and you will discover you ease your stress. It also burns calories a great deal.

  1. Get an exercise companion

Another important strategy of getting 10 minutes of physical fitness exercise is to get a companion. You need to find someone that you can exercise with.

The person serves as a motivation and can remind you of your motives every once in a while. You can decide to compete with your exercise companion to make the whole thing fun.

The competition will boost your zeal towards achieving what you plan to achieve. It can even make you extend your exercise duration which is an added advantage.

  1. Chose the exercise that you enjoy

Different persons have different things that they enjoy most. Try out varieties of exercise. You can try out physical activities such as stretches, squats, lunges, running, swimming, jumping and so on.

After trying them all out, you will discover the once that you enjoy and focus on those ones. The reason for this is to motivate you to do more.

  1. Split your workout

Research showed that women who divided their workout into 10-minute intervals had been more likely to exercise regularly, and shed more weight after 5 months.

This is as opposed to women who practiced for 20 to 40 minutes at any given time.

In a study carried out at the University of Virginia, physical exercise physiologist Glenn Gaesser, Ph.D., required women and men to complete 15 10-minute workouts a week.

Following just 21 times, the volunteers’ aerobic fitness was similar to those of people 10 to 15 years more youthful.

Their durability, muscular endurance, and flexibility have been comparable to those of individuals as much as two decades younger.

In yet another review, researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore learned that for boosting health and fitness in inactive grownups, numerous short bursts of action are as good as much longer, organized workout routines.

“It will be ideal for individuals to drop the all-or-practically nothing mindset that unless they physical exercise for 30 minutes, they’re throwing away their time,” states Gaesser.

Busting physical exercise into tiny units on your own busy days and nights could also keep the assurance up.

The above is claimed by Harold Taylor, personal time management specialist, and operator of Harold Taylor Time Consultants in Toronto.

He may have written extensively about the subject. “Skipping exercise altogether is ‘de-motivational’–you are feeling depressed and responsible,” Taylor says.

“Should you skip it, you have a tendency to shape, ‘What’s the utilization? I can’t stay up with it anyway.’ Yet as long as you make some effort each day, that inspires you onward. Achievement breeds achievement.”

Bear in mind, though, that brief bursts of physical exercise are made to supplement. They’re not to substitute your regular physical fitness routine.

Here’s a roundup of useful ways to incorporate a workout into your time even if you don’t have plenty of time to work out. “You don’t need to do all of them in 1 day time select what really works”.

Around the house

  1. Stroll around the road

When you’re outside to pick up your morning paper that requires just 5-seconds, stroll up the road in just one direction and in the other.

You can simply walk down briskly or just stroll to enjoy the fresh air in ten minutes. By so doing, you exercise and get your heart racing a little bit.

After the walk, you will discover that you gained energy. You will more comfortable than before.

  1. Fitness bike or fitness treadmill

If you’re housebound taking care of a sick kid or grandchild, hop on a fitness bike or fitness treadmill. This can be done mostly when the ailing child is having a nap.

Pedaling with a stationary bike or treadmill is good cardio for effective physical fitness exercise. You can maintain this type of exercise for as long as you can.

You will see the powerful and wonderful effect it has on your body. You will feel stronger, healthier and energetic.

  1. Do jumping jacks

Consider 5 to 10 minutes of jumping jacks. (A 150-pound lady can burn 90 calories in a single 10-minute program.)

Jumping jacks is one of the exercises that work out the entire body. Jumping jacks is a cardio exercise that can be done anywhere at all. This kind of jump involves a two jump move.

How to Do Jumping Jacks

  • Stand straight with your two hands beside you and your feet slightly open
  • Raise your leg in a jump from the ground while ensuring your hands are raised to your head and your feet are wide open as you land
  • Immediately you land, jump again while returning your arms and feet to the starting position. Ensure you remain on your toes throughout the whole process.
  1. Exercise while you cook

When you are cooking any meal, do standing up push-ups while you wait for the pot to boil. Reach out at about an arm’s length through the kitchen area counter-top.

Push your biceps and triceps from the countertop. Drive out and in to operate your hands and shoulders.

  1. Play with the kids

After a meal or at any convenient or spare time, join the kids as they play outside. Playing with younger ones is great fun.

You tend to combine fun and exercise by so doing. This might seem funny but it is a great form of exercise. Even though you don’t share the same level of strength, you feel the great impact it has on you.

You will feel stress-free and also feel so energetic. More so, you will definitely workout your entire body.

  1. Exercise before bedtime

Before your facial cleansing in preparation for a night sleep, try out some workouts. You can work out with the dumbbell or with any other tool as you desire.

This is as indicated by physical exercise trainer Sheila owner, Cluff and founder from the Oaks at Ojai and also the Palms, in Palm Springs, CA, who maintains a set of free weights on the shelf before her restroom kitchen sink.

Working out before bedtime has a wide range of benefits. It helps to provide a great night’s sleep, reduces anxiety as well as stress.

Most persons prefer exercising only in the night because of the immense benefits they derive by so doing.

Because of the amount of energy burnt during exercise, it’s regarded to greatly improve sleep. There’s also a belief that people that exercise before bedtime have enough time to sleep soundly.

Whilst waiting around

  1. Walk around sidelines while your children train

Walk around the sidelines repeatedly as you wait for your son or daughter to train. As your fitness level increases, add up a minute bursts of sprinting as you walk.

Even as your children use the field, you too can also utilize the opportunity. You can exercise in your own way by walking, sprinting or jumping around the field.

It might seem to you like a minor exercise but you will end up seeing yourself sweating a great deal. Your heartbeat rises and you’ll feel very energetic.

Although your boy or daughter plays a soccer activity, walk across the area.

  1. Stroll around while you wait for your turn to see the doctor

Stroll around the hospital if you have a long time to wait for a doctor’s appointment.

“I usually request the receptionist to give me an idea of how long we have kept waiting patiently,” Cluff states. “The majority are usually very prepared to tell you.”

Instead of stressing out yourself sitting and waiting for the doctor’s appointment, you can stand up and walk around the hospital.

You can begin with a brisk walk and then extend to sprinting if you can.  The main idea is to utilize the little time that you have to get at least a 10 minutes physical fitness exercise.

  1. Do one leg balance exercise

You really don’t have to stress yourself out while you wait around. One leg balance exercise is another important but simple exercise that you can do.

How to Do One Leg Balance Exercise

  • Stand straight with your feet slightly apart
  • Hold your hips with your two arms
  • Gently lift your right leg and get it bent to the back starting from your knee
  • Maintain that position for about 30 seconds
  • Go back to the starting position
  • Repeat the same technique with the left leg
  • Repeat as much as your strength can carry
  • You can vary the technique by going all the way down to touch your foot so long as you don’t touch the ground.
  1. Enjoy the park while waiting for your youngster

Transform a visit to a park along with your youngster right into a mini-exercise for you personally. Toss a golf ball back and forth and operate for fly balls.

Apart from tossing the golf ball, they’re numerous exercises that you can engage in to improve your physical fitness.

You can decide to walk briskly around the park or run or jog or even do stretches.


No matter your busy schedule, you can squeeze out time for a variety of exercises for your physical fitness.

You can choose any of the above-listed exercises depending on the situation of things around you. You can as well, choose any other activity to strengthen you.

The importance of exercise in our daily lives cannot be overemphasized that is why it is a very essential part of our good health.

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