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5 Top Summer Travel Destinations and Holiday Spots to Visit

Even though it is challenging to choose from the wide variety of available holiday spots, the five top summer destinations are the issue here.

The criterion for each one is different from the next. While one may be for budget travelers, the next may be for business travelers.

One may be abroad, while the next may be a hidden getaway you may know little. And of course, to top the list, there are the all-time favorite beaches of Hawaii.

The only criteria they have in common is that they are all great places to visit during the summer, with your family, your partner, or just all by yourself. The top destinations are the following:

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Martha’s Vineyard
  3. Hawaii
  4. Aspen
  5. London
  1. Puerto Rico

There is a proposal to introduce a law that makes it mandatory for every US citizen to have a passport to travel the Caribbean.

If and when this law becomes effective, Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the US, will see a surge in tourists.

With increased demand, the costs would also go higher. So if someone wishes to have a fantastic vacation at a moderate price, this may be the last year to go to Puerto Rico.

Several airlines are offering very economical fares. It also helps if you buy a return ticket as then you will qualify for a special discount.

Once you reach there, you can decide on putting up in ‘Paradores, which are small lodgings that the local people lend out. They offer several attractive packages from which you can choose one of your likings.

  • Martha’s Vineyard

A short drive and then a ferry ride from Boston, and there you are – at Martha’s Vineyard. This place is known for its tranquil beaches and busy restaurants and shops.

The place provides an ideal locale to get your work done at the same time, help you relax. If you are planning for a working holiday, this is the place to be.

The Harborview Hotel in Edgartown, the Mansion House in Vineyard Haven, and the Winnetu Resort in Edgartown’s Katama section are the best places that you can put up and feel to be in a home away from home.

You can also take part in cooking classes, writing workshops, and if you are a bit more adventurous, you can even try out horse riding.

  • Hawaii

An increase in tourist inflow has made the rates in Hawaii go down. And, the rates have gone down not only for hotel accommodations but also for airfares.

So, it might just be an excellent bargain to have a vacation down in Hawaii during this period. So many people, about 7 million, especially from the US mainland, visit Hawaii every year. They do this because of so many compelling reasons.

Their culture- because of the many persons that visit the place, they have many cultures. In Hawaii, most of their people claim to be from at least two races.

Another interesting site that you will enjoy in Hawaii is their beach. Hawaii is known to have about 300 beaches where its visitors can explore.

Interestingly, the beaches allow you the choice to enjoy your color. Yes, they are beaches on the black, white, red, green, and yellow sand.

What’s more? Hawaii has plenty of volcanoes. These volcanoes are tourist sites as most tourists take helicopter tours to them while others hike.

Even if you do not like shopping, Hawaii will make you change your mind. They have crafts and other products that will lure you into shopping.

The weather in every tourism center is what attracts people the more. Thus said, Hawaii has a steady temperature that makes it almost a paradise.

During winter, the temperature is wet with rain showers, but that does not prevent sunshine. Hawaii is that place almost every day, and the sun must shine.

What about their people?

The People of Hawaii have the best conduct ever! Do You know why? They have a law that seriously punishes any illegal conduct.

What’s more? Almost every family in Hawaii has someone working in the tourism industry because it is their crucial industry. Thus, they show great love to their visitors.

  • Aspen

They are now known more like a ski resort, and Aspen was once a silver mining town. Aspen provides something for all levels of skiers.

A beginner can learn the first few tricks and the pros also get the ideal landscape to hone their skills. And of course, it has reached the lovely mountains that are indeed breathtaking.

A lot of other attractions areas will make you want to visit Aspen over and over again.

Maroon Bells

Maroon Bell is a breathtaking mountain, widely regarded as the most photographed mountain in the whole world. Here you can, because of the beautiful nature of the hill, take pictures without having enough of it. 

Sure, most times, the mountain reflects Maroon Lake. White river national forest is another exciting place you would love to explore at Maroon Bells.

Here, you have a lot of exciting options. You can either go hunting, skiing, hiking, fishing, camping, boating, mountain biking, or make your adventure.

Colorado River

Colorado River has white water where you can go fishing trout fish as much you want. If you love angling or paddling, you can do it best in the Colorado River.

The independence pass is another spot you can’t afford to miss out on.

Capitol Peak

Capitol Peak is more than 14,000 feet high, making it one of the lethal peaks known. Apart from climbing this peak, you can view it from the floor as it creates a beautiful sight to behold.

This peak is in the western part of Aspen in the wilderness area of Maroon Bell. If you are a rock climber, you can challenge yourself in Capitol Peak.

Glenwood hot springs

Glenwood hot springs is a mineral-rich spring where you can get soaked to your satisfaction. Here, you can make as much splash as you wish to. 

  • London

Once the world’s largest metropolis and still is very close to any tourist’s heart, with a great blend of tradition and modernity, this is the place where you will never get bored. And of course, you also have the incentive of being in a different country.

Among the many things you can engage yourself in London are;

The London Eye

The London Eye cantilevered observation wheel is known to be the tallest in the whole world.

Been in the London Eye is a cherished experience as you will be so overwhelmed. It has 32 capsules which lift the users to view the whole of London awesomely. You would want to be on board repeatedly.

Buckingham Palace tour

Most visitors to London ensure a visit to the residence of the queen. You can’t resist appreciating the beauty of the royal animals, rooms, and a whole lot of other attractions.

Final words

Your summer travel and holiday can be a memorable one. The travel options and suggestions above will not disappoint you as you will get to enjoy every second of your holiday or travel.

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