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5 Ways To Fight Fat

There are some simple and inexpensive ways to lose fat and keep the weight off.

1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits, and more importantly, vegetables are one of the best ways to win the battle against fat. Fatty foods and foods that have been extensively processed and refined should be replaced with veggies and fresh fruit.

While trying to lose weight it is useful to limit the amount of fruit to two pieces per day and take it easy with a fruit juice because fruit does have higher sugar content than vegetables. On the other hand, you should be liberal with your choice of most vegetables.

Nevertheless, some vegetables, such as potatoes, are high in starch while others, like avocados, are higher in fat.

You should limit the number of vegetables that fit into these particular categories. When eating out, try to choose salad or vegetables over fried, fatty options such as French fries.

2. Drink plenty of water

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Water is not only a vital part of everyone’s diet it is also calorie-free. Most experts suggest drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water per day.

This can help control weight by making sure that you are not confusing hunger with thirst as well as helping to flush away toxins.

This can be difficult at first for those addicted to carbonated and sugary soft drinks, but after a short time, it becomes just a normal part of your routine.

3. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

You should never skip breakfast. Research has shown that a generous and healthy breakfast helps prevent overeating because it influences your appetite for the entire day. In addition, it helps to control your blood sugar.

Again, you should avoid sugary food such as many of the commercial, refined cereals and try to move towards whole grain cereals and bran.

4. Avoid starving yourself

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Very low-calorie diets can trick your body into entering a starvation mode which actually makes it more difficult to lose fat.

Even worse these kinds of diets are impossible to maintain long-term and when you come off the diet you may put on more weight than when you started (hence the term yo-yo dieting).

By all means, reduce your food intake to sensible portion sizes, but don’t starve yourself.

5. Exercise

Regular exercise is another lifestyle choice that you should try to make a habit. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take out a gym membership, but it does mean avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

As noted before, there is a limit to the reduction in calories that you can consume before you start to see diminishing returns.

Therefore, the other weapon in your arsenal is to increase calorie consumption through exercise. You should include both cardiovascular and resistance exercise types in your routine.

Resistance or weight-training is important because it helps to build and strengthen muscle tissue, which burns calories from your normal metabolic processes at a higher rate than other tissues.


These are simple steps (which, to be honest, most people already know). The key is putting them into action and then enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you see the fat go.

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